Some Info I Looked into on Elite Commercial REIT (Guest Post)

Some Info I Looked into on Elite Commercial REIT (Guest Post)

Elite Commercial REIT has all the right metrics you would look for in a worthy Reit to invest in. Great looking yield, long wale, low debt to asset, freehold property and a tenant that looks like someone who you expect to be the last to default on their rent.

This post was originally posted here. The writer, Kyith is a veteran community member and blogger on InvestingNote, with username known as Kyith and 800+ followers.


Sometimes it is either I overthink things or that I am absolutely right to be a little more skeptical.

Private equity firm Elite Partners is looking to IPO Elite Commercial Reit. A lot of the context for how to look at this REIT is shaped by the people associated with supporting this REIT.

My mode is wary for two reasons:

  1. The guys working on these deals try to sense the market and priced it accordingly. At this point (23 Jan), we don’t even have a sensing what is the range of yield we will get. It feels to me they are trying to gauge interest from the larger investors to see how to price this. If this REIT has high-quality assets yet the IPO prices the REIT at a high yield, either the banks advising and the people themselves have a lack of confidence or that there is something we don’t know about this portfolio
  2. The people behind it

That said, it doesn’t mean I am always right in the short term.

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Why Reits Are Likely To Stay At The Top For Longer Than Most People Would Expect (Guest Post)

Why Reits Are Likely To Stay At The Top For Longer Than Most People Would Expect (Guest Post)

The real estate industry cycle has been around for many years.

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Traditionally, it has several built-in advantages that make it natural for property owners to receive rental income while awaiting for their property to appreciate in value over time. This is due to the higher affluent population group and the higher GDP for the nation as well as decent inflation rise that will all but contribute to an eventual higher property price.

This post was originally posted here. The writer, Brian Halim is a veteran community member and blogger on InvestingNote, with username known as 3Fs and 1800+ followers.

While traditional real estate usually requires high amount of funds to start with and is out of reach by many retail investors, Reits on the other hand are not. They are investment vehicles that is structured to exhibit the same attributes as traditional real estate but more importantly it allows retail investors like you and me with minimal funds to invest in them.

When investors like us buy Reits, the properties owned are generally incorporating a steady income and cashflow predictability into our income-oriented portfolio. Because of this, most of the returns we are getting should be in the form of the dividends that are being paid out. Capital appreciation is a secondary bonus factor, if any due to the nature that they have to pay out more than 90% of their cashflow income as dividends, leaving only a small amount of retained cashflow for any growth opportunities.

How Managers Are Optimizing Their Cost of Capital

Since a REIT is always raising money to grow, its cost of that capital is one of the most important things to help determine a REIT’s long-term investment potential.

There are three sources of capital: undistributed cash flow, equity, and debt.

The cost of capital is the weighted average of all three sources of capital. Undistributed or retained cash flow is by design (and tax law) the smallest but cheapest (free) source of capital.

The next cheapest is debt,measured by the total interest expense it pays out of the total debt, especially in today’s low interest rate environment.

The most expensive source of capital is equity. This makes sense intuitively because each additional share sold is a future claim on a REIT’s cash flow and increases the dividend cost.

Reits Are No Longer Just An Income Play

Gone are the days that Reits are just an income play.

Kep DC Reit – Effective Debt Structure & Accretive Acquisitions

MLT – Exponential Rise To The Top

Thanks to the sluggish global economy that encourages lower funds rate and cheap borrowings, managers are looking to tap into the credit liquidity to leverage their portfolio in this era of lower borrowings.

They would tap for as much leverage the company could take before considering for more access to funds via the equity route.

That is because the cost of equity is usually more expensive than the cost of debt and it would make more sense for them to consider debt first then equity as their main cost of capital to structure the most effective leverage for growth opportunities.

To the managers, they would look for pipeline opportunities and maintain a cost of capital that is lower than the cash yield on new acquisitions in order for AFFO and dividend to grow sustainably over time.

REIT’s leverage ratio, measured by key metrics Debt/Asset or Debt/EBITDA, is important because this is one of the major factor that credit rating agencies use to determine how risky a REIT’s profile is. A lower credit rating increases a Reit’s cost of debt capital, which could spiral into lower return on investment for any growth opportunities.

So REITS can grow over time and quickly for as long as they find good opportunities aided by cheap cost of borrowings and a rising share price, which compresses the cost of equity lower when they are issuing shares for funding.


Investors are generally afraid that they will be diluted when REITS increase their share counts over time so this leads to active participation from investors who will but contribute to this gracious cycle that will allow more funds for management to grow and seek accretive acquisition that will allow the cash yield from acquisition to be higher than the cost of capital on the equity.

Growing cash flow and a well diversified portfolio would then lead to a rising share price and capital appreciation for the investors.

In fact, the likely they remain at the top, the easier it is for management to look for external opportunities because the growth play is likely to remain a big part for a rising capital opportunities.

The only likely swan that could break this cycle is a liquidity crunch as well as a black swan event which eventually leads to a credit crunch which typically leads to increase in the cost of capital. But by then, REITS are not alone. All of the companies in all sectors around the world are likely to be impacted as well.

Thanks for reading.

Once again, this article is a guest post and was originally posted on Brians profile on InvestingNote. 

Also, we recently did an interview with Brian, to understand how he invested and traded during the SG Active Trading Tournament here.

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Active Traders’ Fair 2020

Active Traders’ Fair 2020

SGX’s annual Active Traders’ Fair is happening on 22 Feb 2020 Saturday!


Gain exclusive insights from world-renowned trader, Michael Covel, Best- selling author of Trend Following and Founder of

This fair also includes a market outlook panel, LIVE on-the-spot technical analysis and strategies for trading stocks, warrants and daily leveraged certificates.


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Come for the 1st Market Outlook For 2020!

Come for the 1st Market Outlook For 2020!

We run the largest community of investors in Singapore and every new year, this is THE #1 question every investor will ask:

Which part of the stock market will help me to profit better in 2020?

Fact is, our local market has been stuck in a trading range for a large part of 2019.

After making a low last October, local banks, big developers and particularly electronics manufacturers have a good run, partly fuelled by US markets hitting an all-time and progress made in US-China trade talk.

Investors heaved a sign of relief but is this run likely to be short-lived, especially with more geopolitical tensions like the US-Iran situation surfacing?

So this time, the question is not just which part of the stock market will help me to profit better in 2020, but also what to avoid in 2020.

Experienced investors and traders will sense a storm is brewing – it’s been more than 13 years since the previous one. Doomsayers have been warning about an impending crash since years ago and it’s not hard to understand why.

At some point, the consequences of the loose monetary policies, geopolitical conflicts, and rising debt levels will break out into a global financial “storm”.

To help you get a better understanding of the market this year, we’re inviting you to an exclusive Market Outlook For 2020, which also happens to be the first of the year.


To give you a headstart this year, veteran speaker CK Ee will be sharing on the following:

✔ Hidden forces (apart from global economic/political events) that drive the market and why most investors and traders lose money
✔ How to recognize signs of a bear market in the making and take advantage of it
✔ What are some of the variables to keep tab on during market slowdown?
✔ Which market will reap the most benefits and which will be most affected
✔ Gain insight into the various asset classes and more!

Due to popular demand, this seminar will have strictly limited seats (more than half of the seats taken during 1st day of registration).

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This event is exclusively hosted and sponsored by City Index Singapore.

The First Workshop of 2020: Gear Up For Trading in 2020 with The Traders’ Circle!

The First Workshop of 2020: Gear Up For Trading in 2020 with The Traders’ Circle!

Come on January 11th 2020, Saturday 10am – 1pm, for this exclusive, intensive and informative workshop hosted by 2 acclaimed speakers spanning from 10am to 1pm.


Venue: 51 Cuppage Road (Former Starhub building, located behind Centrepoint) Vibrant & Harvard Room 2, #03-03. Singapore, 229469

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Packing Stocks, Forex and CFDs into one single setting!

Session 1: Spot Turning Points In The Market With Trendlines By Jay Tun

Regardless if you are new to trading or has been trading for awhile, knowing where the turning points possibly are will undeniably give you an edge in the market.

To the untrained eye, it seems almost magical how some of the “experts” are able to know whether a trend is changing in advance.

In this session, Jay will showcase how he use trendline to tell the strength of trend as well as to spot possible turning points in the market using it.

You will learn:
✔ What are trendlines?
✔ What makes trendlines effective?
✔ Trendlines vs Support & Resistance: which is better?
✔ Using trendlines to spot possible turning points.
✔ Incorporating trendlines into your analysis?

Session 2: Secrets To Making Money From The Forex Markets By Karen Foo

Forex markets are extremely volatile and most retail traders don’t make money.

Karen, ranked #1 in a Singapore nationwide Forex trading competition will show you her secrets in successful FX trading. Here’s what you’d learn:

✔ 4 vital components you need to success as a forex trader
✔ How to determine forex entry points with confirmation
✔ Why risk management is more important than your trading system
✔ How to ensure that your trading will last and be profitable in the long run
✔ How to determine if your trading system is profitable

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this event is exclusively hosted and sponsored by City Index Singapore

Global Indexes In 2019: How did global indexes really perform?

Global Indexes In 2019: How did global indexes really perform?

The Straits Times Index (STI) performance (with dividends) is around 8%.

Now take a look at the comparison tables for major global indexes. Source:

Did You manage to beat any indexes?

Take the poll here:

Want to beat the STI index? We’ve just launched a club that might help you achieve that!

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Essential Stock Market And Investing Wisdoms For Every Investor In 2020 (guest post)

Essential Stock Market And Investing Wisdoms For Every Investor In 2020 (guest post)

If you think Stock Investing is hard, you are right.

If you think Stock Investing is easy, you are also right.

Over time, different legends have emerged from the stock market and these are the wisdom shared that every investor needs to know by 2020.

This post was originally posted here. The writer is a veteran community member on InvestingNote, with username known as Spinning_Top and close to 500 followers.


12 Market Wisdoms From Gerald Loeb:

1. The most important single factor in shaping security markets is public psychology.

2. To make money in the stock market you either have to be ahead of the crowd or very sure they are going in the same direction for some time to come.

3. Accepting losses is the most important single investment device to insure safety of capital.

4. The difference between the investor who year in and year out procures for himself a final net profit, and the one who is usually in the red, is not entirely a question of superior selection of stocks or superior timing. Rather, it is also a case of knowing how to capitalize successes and curtail failures.

5. One useful fact to remember is that the most important indications are made in the early stages of a broad market move. Nine times out of ten the leaders of an advance are the stocks that make new highs ahead of the averages.

6. There is a saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” One might paraphrase this by saying a profit is worth more than endless alibis or explanations. . . prices and trends are really the best and simplest “indicators” you can find.

7. Profits can be made safely only when the opportunity is available and not just because they happen to be desired or needed.

8. Willingness and ability to hold funds uninvested while awaiting real opportunities is a key to success in the battle for investment survival.

9. In addition to many other contributing factors of inflation or deflation, a very great factor is the psychological. The fact that people think prices are going to advance or decline very much contributes to their movement, and the very momentum of the trend itself tends to perpetuate itself.

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Traders Dashboard: How Traders Think & Trade Daily

Traders Dashboard: How Traders Think & Trade Daily

Ever wondered how traders think and trade on a daily basis?

Behind the numbers, charts and complexities?

Related image

For the first time ever, a group of traders have come forth with demystifying complex stock market happenings through in-depth analysis and breakdowns, so that you don’t have to.

Join this exclusive club where a group of traders including veteran expert @Li_Guang_Sheng, share regular updates on happenings in the global market and how these influence their daily trading and investment decisions.


As a member of this Club, here’s what you will get daily from the group of traders, called the Traders Guild:

✔ Market direction – They look at economic data, monetary policy, interest rates and sentiment so that we know what’s happening around the world. They monitor news flow to keep surprises at a minimum. They assess what it all means for our trading & investment portfolios.

✔ Trading – Discuss their trading ideas, how they discover them, how they approach potential entry, stop-loss & exit points & the corresponding price action signals they look for.

✔ Investing – They look at beaten down assets, stocks at highs, IPOs, rights issues and decide whether we would take any action.

Club members will have the edge, from the Traders Guild’s observations of daily price action!

Get a 7 Day FREE-Trial and 20% OFF every month afterwards by using this promo code: DASH


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Prize Presentation Ceremony and 2020 Market Outlook Recap

Prize Presentation Ceremony and 2020 Market Outlook Recap

Yesterday night was the Prize Presentation Ceremony of the SG Active Trading Tournament and our two esteemed speakers, Geoff Howie (SGX Market Strategist) and Desmond Leung (Everest Fortune Group) gave a 2019 wrap-up and 2020 market outlook.


img_20191204_192759Geoff gave a very comprehensive and succinct presentation on how different sectors performed, not just in Singapore, but the world as well. REITs in particular, have given very good returns for 2019.

You can find the full presentation here.

Next, we had Desmond from Everest Fortune Group, also known as EFG on InvestingNote where he does daily technical ideas and calls. Follow him here.

img_20191204_194505Desmond gave the technical outlook for both the Hang Seng Index and Straits Times Index. Based on technical analysis aspect, it does not particularly bode well for both the indexes for 2020. Investors might have to be more cautious when trying to trade or invest in the market, especially during this prolonged volatile period.

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All Winners of the SG Active Trading Tournament!

All Winners of the SG Active Trading Tournament!


The Final Round just ended last Friday, and we’re excited to announce the Top 3 ULTIMATE WINNERS of this Trading Tournament:


1st Position: @luxcan
2nd Position: @shirleyfam
3rd Position: @wancheehoong

Congratulations to these 3 winners! They battled hard and now they get the glory!

People’s Choice Award Winner: @Stockcham

Based on votes, he has garnered 173 votes in total during the Final Round of the SG Active Trading Tournament.

For winning this award, he will be winning $1,000!


We’ve also just done the Lucky Draw for the following: 1x iPhone 11 Pro (for all participants), 2x Apple Watch Series 5 (for participants who’ve traded once during Elimination Round) and 1x Apple Watch Series 5 (for voting) and here are your lucky winners!


1x iPhone 11 Pro: @michaelalexand
1x Apple Watch Series 5: @noblelady
1x Apple Watch Series 5: @Financialmtc
1x Apple Watch Series 5(voter): @yuhaoloy

Congratulations to all the winners!

They will be presented with the prizes during the prize presentation ceremony and market outlook 2020 event happening on 4th December, 7pm at the SGX Auditorium.


Come join us!


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