Top 4 Stocks With The Highest Ratio Of Short Sell Volume In 2017

Top 4 Stocks With The Highest Ratio Of Short Sell Volume In 2017

In investing terms, longing a stock essentially means buying a stock, with the hopes of it become higher to make a profit. The opposite can be said for shorting a stock which means selling a stock with the expectation of the price can become lower.

However, longing a stock isn’t the only way to make a profit.

Short selling too, can achieve the same purpose.

A brief explanation of short selling:

Short selling essentially means you borrow a stock, with the expectation to buy it back at a lower price in order to make a profit. The profit is realized when the stock is bought back at a lower price and returned. Borrowing of stock occurs through brokerages.

In terms of transaction volume, there is also short sell volume. Short sell volume of a stock is the total number of shares short sold in the entire market during a given period of time. This does not include any CFD shorts.

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More Than $1 Million In Profit From An SGX-Listed Stock

More Than $1 Million In Profit From An SGX-Listed Stock

We couldn’t help but notice that one of our community members made more than $1 million in profit since buying one of top performing stocks in SGX!


In one of our previous articles, we mentioned that this stock gave close to 500% return last year.

It’s AEM Holdings!

MEGA HUAT to all those vested!

If you like this article, we’ve got more. Here’s an invitation to join our community and network of investors who’re actively sharing. It’s free and most importantly, these investors are out to help one another to get better investing outcomes.


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InvestingNote Workshop Series: Growth Investing Workshop

InvestingNote Workshop Series: Growth Investing Workshop

InvestingNote Workshop Series: Growth Investing Workshop

Hi everyone, the next installation of our monthly workshop series is happening on the 28th February, Wednesday.


This time, it’s all about Fundamental Analysis: G.A.R.P Strategy.

In Fundamental Analysis, there’s 2 camps: Value and Growth Investing.

While the former looks at stocks trading below their intrinsic value, the latter focus more on the future potential of a company.

What if you can combine tenets of both growth investing and value investing to find Undervalued stocks with sustainable growth potential?

That’s where great investors use the Growth At A Reasonable Price (GARP) Strategy.

This is the workshop which you will learn how to use the GARP strategy to maximise your stock investments.

Conducted by James from SmallCapAsia @Smallcapasia will teach you:

✔ What is GARP Investing
✔ Who are the proponents of GARP approach
✔ Characteristics of GARP stocks
✔ 1 Quick Way to value a GARP stock
✔ How to Value-add with 2 Important Indicators
✔ 3 Case Studies using GARP strategy

**Early-bird discount: GET $10 OFF**

Use code: EB100

Register Now, Come Later!

We’d see you there!


We’re Hiring! Join Our A Team For The Job

We’re Hiring! Join Our A Team For The Job


InvestingNote is the only free social network designed specifically for the sharing of stock data, news, insights and tips. We’re a Fintech startup based in Singapore.

Besides having access to quality stock data like prices and announcements, users can upload/access research reports, charts and make stock price estimations. Users can also gain reputation points when they have followers, likes and posts. Professional users from the finance industry are given verified badges to enhance credibility.

Mixing serious stock data with fun elements of social media, our key value lies in helping investors get more financial literacy, gain access to more information and have better investing outcomes through social networking and community. Besides having a free social network, we’ve also launched an entirely new peer-to-peer marketplace for investors to get premium access to a wide variety of investing resources such as ebooks, courses and analysis.

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REITs To Riches (New eBook Launch)

REITs To Riches (New eBook Launch)

There’s a new book launched in our marketplace!

REITs To Riches, is written by one of our veteran community members and also a co-founder of, Tam Ging Wien. @gingwien

As part of a new launch, there’s a 30% OFF promotion for this ebook right now!

Simply key in the code RRNOW before purchase!


For a limited time only!

The Top 3 Stocks With Highest Returns in 2017

The Top 3 Stocks With Highest Returns in 2017

In the previous post, we talked about that one stock everyone was crazy over in 2017.

Now, let us look at what are the top 3 stocks with the highest returns in 2017:

Delong takes the top spot with the best performing stock of the year with a whopping 813+% return in 2017. AEM takes the second spot at 484+% while Jiutian Chemical took the 3rd spot at 483+%.

Let’s take a quick look at what each stock’s company does:

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That One Stock Everyone Was Crazy Over In 2017

That One Stock Everyone Was Crazy Over In 2017

We’re off to a good start to 2018.

But have you ever wondered which was the stock that got everyone crazy over in 2017?

As you already know, we’re a growing community of nearly 50,000 investors strong.

Each and every day, our social network accounts for a daily average of a few hundred posts and a few thousand comments posted by our users. This is a significant surge in the average posts and comments back in 2016. Although the Singapore stock market only operates on weekdays, our social network runs 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Looking back at the data from 2017, we were interested to find out from our community activities, if there were any interesting insights.

Let us present some data in our platform:

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Top Trader Service! RATED 5-STAR!

Top Trader Service! RATED 5-STAR!


Charting To Profits: High Probability Trades — 20% OFF for lifetime subscription promo will be ending within the next 2 days. 

Let us tell you why this is extremely important:

It’s been a good year for the stock market so far.

Here’s a recap of how the Straits Times Index (STI) did since the beginning of 2018, till date. It’s been up more than 4%.

Did you manage to beat the Market so far?

Good traders and investors should be able to beat the STI, especially when in a bull market.

We found some interesting stocks that managed to outperform the benchmark, and it’s by a significant amount.

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The Essentials Of REITs Investing Workshop Recap

The Essentials Of REITs Investing Workshop Recap

We had our first workshop in our series yesterday, and we had full house!

Our featured presenter, Ging Wien @gingwien, who is one of our veteran community members and co-founder of, presented on the important things that every investor should know when investing in REITs. Attendees also learnt about important things even pro investors tend to miss out.



Full attendance and attention!

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