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[Upcoming Gathering] How To Manage Risk Effectively In Trading

[Upcoming Gathering] How To Manage Risk Effectively In Trading

How To Manage Risk Effectively In Trading

Knowing how to manage your risks as a trader is one of the most under-rated but important aspects of trading.

That’s why the theme for our upcoming gathering is on How To Manage Risk Effectively In Trading.

In this session, the top traders will be sharing on the assessment to current markets’ risk, introduction of a market timing indicator, doing proper risk analysis and how to use stop-loss effectively.

This time round, we will also have a special guest speaker, Alvin Li, who is a derivatives expert from Hong Kong.


Here’s what to expect:
✔ Assessing Risk in trading – protecting your returns with a simple and effective stop-loss technique
✔ How to approach Volatility and Risk in current markets – using a new market timing indicator
✔ How to capitalise on Risk using derivatives
✔ Panel Discussion on personal trading Risk management and position sizing

Date: Tuesday, 25 June 2019
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Venue: The Meeting Point. 73 Ayer Rajah Crescent. Singapore, 139952

Meet, learn and network with them. Limited seats.


*speakers’ presentations subject to changes.

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[Recap] Active Traders’ Club Exclusive Gathering

[Recap] Active Traders’ Club Exclusive Gathering

Last evening, we had our Active Traders’ Club gathering, where we got the leaders and members of the Club down for a night of presentations, discussions and fun!



First off, we had Dan Chang (@dAnccs, Top 10 in the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge, Remisier), who presented on how to strategize a robust trade plan.


Next, we had TheBearProwl (Aaron Sim @thebearprowl, 1st Position in the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge, Blogger) who presented on the current bear market situations.


After that, we had Robin Ho (@robinho, Top-Tier Remisier, Blogger and Veteran Trader) present on his outlook on the US and HK markets.


An advocate of derivatives such as index futures and Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC), Robin also presented on how retail traders can utilise such derivatives to enhance their trading returns as part of their day trading strategy.

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Trump’s Trade War and His Twitter “Gauntlet”

Trump’s Trade War and His Twitter “Gauntlet”

The Trade War has escalated once again.

Yes, you guessed it right.

All by the SNAP of Trump’s fingers.


On Sunday the US president decided to snap his fingers and tweeted that tariffs of 10% on certain goods would rise to 25% on Friday, and $325bn of untaxed goods could face 25% duties “shortly”.

This has caused both US and Chinese stock markets to dive.

For months, investors and companies had been lulled into a sense of security that the world’s two largest economies appeared to be getting closer to a deal to resolve their battle.

That calm was utterly shattered this week.

How’s it all going to affect you? Yes YOU, the diligent Singaporean retail investor.

This is a serious, volatile and gloomy time for all investors.

Join us at this exclusive event to find out what Top traders think on Thursday, 16th May 2019, 7 – 9pm.


Here’s what to expect:
Are we turning into a bear market? The special case of an STI component stock
Singapore, Hang Seng Market Outlook
Thinking like The Big Boys: Using Game Theory in Daily Trading
Fibonnaci Levels in Trading: What Can Numbers Show

Strategising a Trade Plan
Panel Discussion: What’s Interesting To Trade For the Month Of May? How will stocks move forward?

Time, tide and the Trade war waits for no man.

Limited seats only. But feel free to bring a friend along.


Exclusively for Active Traders’ Clubs members only.

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[Event Recap] The BIGGEST CNY Party of 2019 For Retail Investors

[Event Recap] The BIGGEST CNY Party of 2019 For Retail Investors

So we finally had The BIGGEST CNY Party of 2019 For Retail Investors yesterday!



With community members taking up the max capacity of our event space, we had an awesome evening of food, drinks and fun.

Our Founder and CEO, Shanison gave an opening address to our community.


We also invited some of our veteran community members to share about their outlook for 2019. 

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