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Finding Investment Ideas That Suit You (Guest Post)

Finding Investment Ideas That Suit You (Guest Post)

This article, Finding Investment Ideas that Suit You was originally posted here. The writer is a veteran community member on InvestingNote, with username known as GrandpaLemon.


Back when I was a teenager, I remember waking up every morning and zoom into the back of the Straits Times Finance section, trying to see if there is any news I can capitalize on. Internet access was still not prevalent. Newspapers and magazines such as ShareInv become your financial advisors. Teletext and “expert” friends become your source of tips. I grew up with Sharejunction, Valuebuddies, and Hardwarezone with the introduction of network access.

As the years went by, however, things started to change. I found myself overwhelmed with ideas from sources that I never even considered. Instead of going out and looking for ideas, I started to get flooded by them day and night from emails, venture capitalists, fund managers, and business executives.

While all these “hot” tips always look exciting on paper, it boils down to one problem: they’re people who want to sell me on an idea.

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