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Is a 90% return in ONE SINGLE trade in a week even possible?

Is a 90% return in ONE SINGLE trade in a week even possible?

Yes it apparently is.

Sometime last week, one of the participants with the username @minci in the SG Active Trading Tournament had a 92.80% return in ONE SINGLE trade.


Here’s what her portfolio returns are so far and the exact trades she placed:


She won $100 CapitaLand vouchers for achieving this.

See what else participants are trading right now (all trades are transparent and open to public view):

If you haven’t registered for the biggest tournament in Singapore, registration is still open!

Registration is free, and we’re giving away up to $15,000 worth of prizes!

Hurry register NOW.


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What is the Multiple Time Frame Analysis (MTFA)?

What is the Multiple Time Frame Analysis (MTFA)?

The Multiple Time Frame Analysis (MTFA) is the process of viewing the same currency pair under different time frames – that being said, it is often used in Forex Trading.

Usually the larger time frame is used to establish a longer-term trend, while a shorter time frame is used to spot ideal entries into the market.

Multiple time frame analysis follows a top down approach when trading and allows traders to gauge the longer-term trend while spotting ideal entries on a smaller time frame chart. After deciding on the appropriate time frames to analyze, traders can then conduct technical analysis using multiple time frames to confirm or reject their trading bias.

In this workshop, you’d see how the MFTA can be applied to trading in the stock market as well, through the lens of a full-time trader in this seminar series.


Join Jay Tun, an equities and derivatives trader, as he shares with you what separates institutional and retail traders, alternative products you can trade besides equities, and how you can create a trading strategy that works in your favour.

In the first part of this workshop, you’ll learn about:

✔ Understanding the types of markets and how it impacts your strategies

✔ Incorporating different timeframes into your trading to maximise your trades

✔ The one most important thing that professionals use to test their and verify their strategies

✔ How to utilise two simple technical analysis tools effectively that usually outperform complicated tools

✔ Habits and daily regimes of successful traders that every trader needs to know and follow

There will also be a live chart trading examples to highlight the importance of multiple time frame analysis, that can be applied for the stock market.

You can look forward to upgrade your trading skillset in this 3-hour workshop.

Get to mingle, network and ask questions with Jay and other traders as well.

Register your seat now. Strictly limited seats.


This exclusive event is free to attend and sponsored by City Index.

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Interviews with Top of the Tournament Leaderboard: Landon Lim

Interviews with Top of the Tournament Leaderboard: Landon Lim

Interviews with Top of the Tournament Leaderboard

This mini-interview series is to showcase some of the prominent participants of the tournament leaderboard and what propels them to be able to trade well.

This post was originally posted here.


This is @LandonLim, who made the leaderboard and had a top winning trade on 14 Oct! View his winning trade here.

How many years have you been trading?

Landon: I’ve been investing/trading for 4 Years now.

What’s your profession?
Landon: I’m a Relationship Manager.

How did you start trading and what got you started?
Landon: I started investing/trading when I decided to grow my savings. However, I had no experience or knowledge, and I placed $10,000 on an illiquid penny stock for my first trade without understanding anything about the company or stock chart movement/signals. I managed to exit my position 2 months later with a paltry gain of $70 (0.7% Return).

Thankfully, that unwise trade did not turn sour for me as the share price has fallen 50% from the time I exited, and I would have undoubtably stopped believing in investing or learning about it.

Can you share more about your trading plan?
Landon: I am actually more of a fundamental investor by nature who also uses some technical analysis (TA) in his trades. For my own portfolio strategy, I shortlist the companies that I want to buy (using FA) and try to time the buys using TA to achieve better Risk/Return ratios.
However, for this tournament I’m purely using simple Technical Analysis, mainly Ichimoku Cloud/Moving Averages/Fibonacci Retracements/Trend Momentums/Breakout patterns/Support and Resistance levels/MACD Indicators/RSI.

How do you usually determine an entry for a particular trade?
Landon: A combination of the above methods that I’ve mentioned. However, buying on retracement support levels, breakout patterns, bullish Ichimoku Cloud signals, and oversold RSI have a greater emphasis.

How do you usually determine an exit for a particular trade? 
Landon: Usually when the volume seems to be dying, along with clear ichimoku cloud/RSI/Fibonacci retracement and Death Cross signals.

What would you say to new traders who want to trade well? 

Landon: Have a systematic trading plan and set your stop loss to a smaller % than your targeted gains. After that, it is just a numbers game, you just need to win more than you lose.

Also, Fibonacci Retracements. At the 61.8% levels. The longer the time frame, the better.


Become a part of our community and also see what other veteran investors are saying about the current market right now: (click on the view now button)


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How to Start Trading In The SG Active Trading Tournament [Tutorial]

How to Start Trading In The SG Active Trading Tournament [Tutorial]

Singapore’s biggest trading tournament is finally happening on Monday, 14 October 2019!

With more than 1,500 participants, participants will battle it out with other traders, through the trading of an instrument called Daily Leverage Certificate (DLC).


This tournament consists of 2 rounds:

  • Elimination Round (from 14 Oct 2019 – 8 Nov 2019): A free-for-all trading simulation that includes all participants. Top 10 traders based on highest total portfolio returns will be selected. A minimum of four trades for each participant is also required to be the top 10 traders. 
  • Final Round (from 18 Nov 2019 – 29 Nov 2019): Top 10 traders will compete against each other. The top 3 traders with highest portfolio returns will win a prize. A minimum of four trades for each participant is also required to be the top 3 traders.
  • Voting Period (from 18 Nov 2019 – 29 Nov 2019): The 10 traders into the final round will  garner for votes from the public during this period. The trader with the highest number of votes will win the “People’s Choice Award”. 

Join the tournament here:


What is a Daily Leverage Certificate (DLC)?

Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC) are exchange-traded financial products that enable investors to take a leveraged exposure to an Underlying Asset, such as an equity index or a single stock (Full list of DLCs). Daily Leverage Certificates replicate the performance of an Underlying Asset versus its previous day closing level, with a fixed leverage factor.

There are two types of Daily Leverage Certificates – Daily Long and Daily Short which enable investors to take a long or short exposure to an Underlying Asset.

Getting Started: what can you do with a DLC?

Long DLCs allow you to generate leveraged gains when the Underlying Asset goes up. On the other hand, Short DLCs increase in value when the Underlying Asset goes down, allowing investors to achieve positive and leveraged gains during market downturn.

Example: 5x Long DBS 

5x Long DBS is at S$2. Buy 500 shares of this DLC with S$1000 when DBS is at S$25.

DBS goes up from S$25 to S$25.5, i.e. up 2%.

5x Long DBS will go up from S$2 to S$2.2, i.e. up by 2% x 5 = 10% compared to the previous day close.

Example: 5x Short Tencent 

5x Short Tencent is at S$1. Buy 1,000 shares of this DLC with S$1,000 when Tencent is at HK$300.

Tencent goes up from HK$300 to HK$309, i.e. up by 3%.

5x Short DLC will go down from S$1 to $0.85, i.e. down by 3% x 5 = 15% compared to the previous day close.

How to identify a DLC?

For example, a 5x DLC with DBS as an underlying would be known as DLC SG5xLong DBS, with the following ticker DOXW.

Read this for more details on how DLC works.

[Tutorial] How to start trading and being on the leaderboard for this tournament:

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1972 vs 2019: China & US leaders

1972 vs 2019: China & US leaders

An old photo of a friendly handshake between Mao Zedong and Richard Nixon, back in 1972 during the Cold War period when they were both leaders of China and the US.


47 years later, we have Xi Jinping and Donald Trump during the Trade War period – as the news of delayed tariffs teased the possibility of a trade war détente.

A trade war detente is the right step to good bilateral relations, and even more so for economies. Markets have been rallying for the past week.

Should you then be riding on the trend for markets right now?

Find out from professional traders by attending the Active Traders’ Rally next Saturday. (limited seats)


**Use this promo code to get $5 OFF: ACTIVETRADER

Secure your seat here.

Trading For Alpha: The Active Traders’ Rally- an event for traders by traders

Trading For Alpha: The Active Traders’ Rally- an event for traders by traders

“Alpha” (the Greek letter α) is a term used in investing to describe a strategy’s ability to beat the market, or having an “edge.”

Alpha is a measure of performance, indicating when a strategy, trader, or portfolio manager has managed to beat the market return over some period. As Alpha is the active return on an investment, it is also often referred to as “excess return” .

If you’re a trader, you probably already know this.

Now, we’ve put together a band of diversified traders who are extremely active in the markets, and are Alpha-hunters by profession.


Join us on 21st September Saturday, as we invite these active traders in one single setting to share their strategies, tips and tricks in their quest for Alpha. Each speaker will be presenting a full 45 minutes on stage.

The topics covered:
✔ How To Effectively Find Alpha By Reading Market Depth – By Dan Chang
✔ How Active Traders’ Think and Trade – By Jonathan Tan
✔ How To Hedge Your Positions By Using Derivatives – By Alvin Li
✔ Minimising Risk With Index Trading – By Ong Bee Heng
✔ An Exclusive Panel Discussion (all speakers)

**Use this promo code to get $5 off: ACTIVETRADER

Come and learn how legitimate, professional traders trade the markets for Alpha.


[Event Recap] Active Traders Club Gathering For June on Risk Management

[Event Recap] Active Traders Club Gathering For June on Risk Management

We just had our Active Traders Club Gathering yesterday where the theme was Risk. Top traders shared on their assessment to current markets’ risk, introduction of a market timing indicator, doing proper risk analysis and how to use stop-loss effectively.



This time round, we have invited a special guest speaker, Alvin Li, who is a derivatives expert from Hong Kong.


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TTI’s Portfolio Performance – May 2019 + Avenue Therapeutics Updates (Guest Post)

TTI’s Portfolio Performance – May 2019 + Avenue Therapeutics Updates (Guest Post)

May 2019’s a tough month, and no, there’s no new “Best. May. Ever” series… (Continuation of these:)


This post was originally posted here. The writer, ThumbTackInvestor is a veteran community member and blogger on InvestingNote, with username known as ThumbTackInvestor and 2400+ followers.

Best. January. Ever.

Best. February. Ever.

Best. Mar……….. You Know The Drill!

TT Portfolio Performance & Review

Like most of everyone else, TTI’s portfolio ROI declined in May, alongside the volatility and market uncertainties from the trade wars.

SG Markets

Total portfolio value in SG markets is SGD 357,660.

Again, not much activity here, took profit on a tiny itsy bit of Geo Energy to redeploy into US markets, otherwise, holdings remain the same. I’m also not really spending much time looking in these waters.


Again, nothing much to talk about here,the bond portfolio is approximately SGD 550,000.The intention is to leave all coupons to compound, with next to zero activity here.

US / Global Markets

ROI has declined from April 2019’s 40.61%, to the current 37.19% YTD.

Net Quantum investment gains YTD (excluding any capital injections/withdrawals) is thus USD 164,707.26

Current top/large winners include Wirecard, Avenue Therapeutics, Tesla shorts, shorts and a small position in the volatility derivative VXX.

The 2 biggest/most irritating losers are Centurylink (CTL) and Chesapeake Energy (CHK). I remain fairly optimistic about CTL, I just think the management needs to show a single quarter of revenue gain or even, just stabilization, and the share price would pop through the roof. In the meantime, I’m collecting like a 8% yield after the witholding taxes.

CHK on the other hand, is dead in the water. While Lawler has done a fantastic job deleveraging over the past couple of years, this may be too mammoth a task for him. Or he may need several years more. There’s hardly any difference in both scenarios.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how things are turning out for my US portfolio. Despite a drop of around 5% due to the trade wars in May, the gap between my ROI and the passive benchmarks is increasing, and the 3 indices I compare against are all at the 9-10% mark, and that puts my ROI this year at 3x that of mere mortals.

Alongside the huge volatility in May, the USD-SGD pairing also showed massive movements.

I’ve always said I’m no forex expert.

I don’t even think there’s such a thing.

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[Recap] Active Traders’ Club Exclusive Gathering

[Recap] Active Traders’ Club Exclusive Gathering

Last evening, we had our Active Traders’ Club gathering, where we got the leaders and members of the Club down for a night of presentations, discussions and fun!



First off, we had Dan Chang (@dAnccs, Top 10 in the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge, Remisier), who presented on how to strategize a robust trade plan.


Next, we had TheBearProwl (Aaron Sim @thebearprowl, 1st Position in the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge, Blogger) who presented on the current bear market situations.


After that, we had Robin Ho (@robinho, Top-Tier Remisier, Blogger and Veteran Trader) present on his outlook on the US and HK markets.


An advocate of derivatives such as index futures and Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC), Robin also presented on how retail traders can utilise such derivatives to enhance their trading returns as part of their day trading strategy.

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Trump’s Trade War and His Twitter “Gauntlet”

Trump’s Trade War and His Twitter “Gauntlet”

The Trade War has escalated once again.

Yes, you guessed it right.

All by the SNAP of Trump’s fingers.


On Sunday the US president decided to snap his fingers and tweeted that tariffs of 10% on certain goods would rise to 25% on Friday, and $325bn of untaxed goods could face 25% duties “shortly”.

This has caused both US and Chinese stock markets to dive.

For months, investors and companies had been lulled into a sense of security that the world’s two largest economies appeared to be getting closer to a deal to resolve their battle.

That calm was utterly shattered this week.

How’s it all going to affect you? Yes YOU, the diligent Singaporean retail investor.

This is a serious, volatile and gloomy time for all investors.

Join us at this exclusive event to find out what Top traders think on Thursday, 16th May 2019, 7 – 9pm.


Here’s what to expect:
Are we turning into a bear market? The special case of an STI component stock
Singapore, Hang Seng Market Outlook
Thinking like The Big Boys: Using Game Theory in Daily Trading
Fibonnaci Levels in Trading: What Can Numbers Show

Strategising a Trade Plan
Panel Discussion: What’s Interesting To Trade For the Month Of May? How will stocks move forward?

Time, tide and the Trade war waits for no man.

Limited seats only. But feel free to bring a friend along.


Exclusively for Active Traders’ Clubs members only.

Join the Club now