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FREE Seminar: How To Be A Profitable & Systematic Trader

FREE Seminar: How To Be A Profitable & Systematic Trader

Join us for this exclusive seminar conducted by veteran trader Collin Seow, to know the exact points and mechanics to enter your stock/asset at the best time without uncertainty.

In the information age, it is important to use just the right amount of technology to help you achieve higher performance in the stock market with less time, in a systematic way.

Having a simple and back-tested system is important to provide unemotional trades with high accuracy, so that you do not have to spend days pouring through and over-analysing a particular company or stock. Staring at the computer for hours does not necessarily lead to placing a great trade anymore.

In fact, you could build a high probability long/short watchlist of stocks within 10 minutes or less, provided you understand the key strategic idea behind it, which will be revealed to you so that you can emulate it back at your trading desk.

collin seow trading workshop

Key learning points include:
✔ How to find the highest probability opportunities in the entire Singapore and US markets?
✔ How to know the best timing and price to buy or sell your individual stocks?
✔ How can consistency be really achieved when trading in the stock market?
✔ How to significantly reduce your risk in the stock market when you diversify appropriately without leaving too much money on the table?

Date: 10 April 2019 (Wed)

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Registration starts from 6.30pm.

Cost: Free

Venue: 137 Cecil Street, Level 4, Hengda Building, Singapore 069537

Limited seats. First come, first serve basis.

So…Register Now, Come Later!


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FREE Event*: Analyzing Hedge Fund Movements – How to gain advantage by buying BEFORE breakout and BEFORE volume

FREE Event*: Analyzing Hedge Fund Movements – How to gain advantage by buying BEFORE breakout and BEFORE volume

FREE Event*: Analyzing Hedge Fund Movements – How to gain advantage by buying BEFORE breakout and BEFORE volume!

free stock trading event

Join RonaldK in his upcoming workshop to learn more about his ultra-precision timing on buying before a breakout and before big volume which will give you an edge in the stock market.

Key learning points include:
✔ Learn to analyze the readiness of the stock using Time & Sales
✔ Learn to spot the next EXPONENTIAL STOCK using Top 30 Volume
✔ Learn to analyze the interest of Smart Money in a stock effectively using FREE charts available online (no software required)
✔ Learn the mindset of how to turn 4-digit to 5-digit using short-term trading
✔ Learn how to leverage on Capital Gains instead of Dividend Gains when doing investment

✔ And more!

Date: 2nd February, Saturday. 10.30am – 1.30pm

Venue: City Index. GAIN Capital Singapore Pte Ltd. 6 Battery Road #20-01. Singapore, 049909

Cost: Free


Limited seats. First come, first serve basis. Light refreshments will be provided.

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*this event is sponsored by CityIndex Singapore.

How To Use Trend Line Correctly! (Guest Post)

How To Use Trend Line Correctly! (Guest Post)

This post, How To Use Trend Line Correctly! was originally posted here. The writer is a veteran community member on InvestingNote, with username known as Rayner.

Trend Line is one of the most versatile tools in trading.

You can use it in day trading, swing trading or even position trading.

However, most traders get it wrong.

They draw Trend Lines looking like this…

I know I’m exaggerating, but you get my point.

That’s why in today’s post, you’ll learn:

  • What is a Trend Line and how does it work
  • How to draw a Trend Line correctly (that most traders never find out)
  • How to use Trend Line to identify the direction of the trend — and tell when the market condition has changed
  • How to use Trend Line to better time your entries
  • The Trend Line Breakout strategy
  • How to ride massive trends using a simple Trend Line technique
  • How to use Trend Line and identify trend reversal

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SGX Bull Charge Challenge Investors’ Insights: Dr. Robin Han

SGX Bull Charge Challenge Investors’ Insights: Dr. Robin Han

Recently, we got in touch with Robin Han, one of the contestants of the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge as well as a veteran contributing influencer of the InvestingNote community, to understand more about his investing strategies, his philosophy, and what motivated him to get started in the first place.


With less than a month to go, some of the top participants have achieved double digit portfolio returns within the timeframe of just 3 months. Impressive! For those who are wondering, the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge is only open to professionals and influencers in the finance industry.

But the question we should really ask is, how did they do it? What is their investment or trading philosophy? Who inspired them? What styles of investing or trading are they using?

We believe that every one of these professionals have different styles of investing, expertise in different types of securities and also have their own story to tell.

Here’s Robin’s story:

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FREE Workshop: Trend Trading Made Simple – The RSI Way

FREE Workshop: Trend Trading Made Simple – The RSI Way

An Alternative Approach to Using RSI (Relative Strength Index).

Whether you’re new to trading or a market veteran, spotting trading opportunities can be a daunting task.

Most have discovered that profitable strategies are often simple without the unnecessary frills. But the key to profitable trading is understanding the market behaviours and devising strategies to capitalize on them.

In this seminar, CK will showcase a proven trend and momentum strategy based on Relative Strength Index (RSI). He’ll demonstrate how this unique strategy helps traders to successfully navigate the market.



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Mid Year Market Outlook and Education Seminar

Mid Year Market Outlook and Education Seminar

This is a special seminar on outlook of the market, as well as an education seminar on trading.

It’s June…the middle of the year 2018. The STI and the general stock market has been trending sideways, amidst volatility.

Market volatility has been incredibly increased since early 2018. We have seen two round of sell down already, one in early Feb and one in late March. Dow dropped 12.3% from historical high within short period of time.

During volatile times, should you be selling, buying or holding?


Presented by Dr. Robin Han @robinhan, this is a crucial mid-year market outlook as well as an educational seminar on trading.

市场剧烈震荡,如何避免市场陷阱,实现稳定获利 | Stock Trading Workshop

市场剧烈震荡,如何避免市场陷阱,实现稳定获利 | Stock Trading Workshop

Our monthly workshop series is back!

This time, it’s all about technical trading, conducted entirely in Chinese!


Let’s see if you could relate with the following below:








  1. 如何系统的避免“一买就跌,一卖就涨”的噩梦?
  2. 如何用博弈(Game Theory)的观点,剖析市场的本质,抓住获利的核心?
  3. 如何炼成火眼金睛,避免假消息,假财报的毒害?
  4. 如何透过重重迷雾和假象,找到真正值得投资的股票?
  5. 如何以较低的风险去交换大得多的潜在获利,助你成为长期赢家?
  6. 当场实践学习成果,马上学以致用
  7. 韩博士也会展望接下来市场的走势并分析当下最具有投资机会的股票

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TA Series Part 3: Candlesticks

TA Series Part 3: Candlesticks

Now that we have understood what is Technical Analysis and why do they work, let’s us now jump right into the most important basics of Technical Analysis, which is to understand what are candlesticks. To put it simply, candlesticks are basically the individual boxes (can be green-red or black-white) that made up a chart. They represent the open, close, high and low price of a particular instrument within a specific time period. In this post, we are going to learn about the origin of candlesticks, its basic patterns and how to interpret them.

Where it came from

The Japanese candlesticks or what is commonly known as candlesticks have come a long way since it was first used around 1600. It was first used by a rice trader in Japan called Homma. During the period between 16th and 17th Century, many of Japanese areas are engaging in a civil war, which is why many of the candlestick patterns are named after military terms.
It was not until the last 2 decades that candlesticks start to popularize the investment world. After an extensive 3 year long research done by Steve Nison, he finally managed to popularize candlesticks in the West through its initial publication of “Japanese Candlesticks Charting Techniques”, published in 1991.

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TA Series Part 1: What is Technical Analysis?

TA Series Part 1: What is Technical Analysis?

Many investors and traders discussed about fancy charting techniques, oscillators and momentum indicators. Before we go deeper into all the fancy jargons, it all comes back down to the basic understanding of technical analysis and where it came from. So, what exactly is Technical Analysis?

There are 4 main things that you should know about Technical Analysis. That is, TA consists of charts, TA is subjective, TA reflects emotions and TA can be used by different instruments.

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