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Re-Cap: Value Momentum Workshop

Re-Cap: Value Momentum Workshop

We just had our last workshop of the year…and all seats were filled!


The workshop was specifically about Value Momentum as an investing strategy, presented by Alison Liew aka the man behind the popular financial blog, It’s a hybrid strategy which uses a hybrid mix of both Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.


During the workshop, Alison showed his vital 8 criteria to make his investing decisions.

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Value Momentum Workshop

Value Momentum Workshop

InvestingNote Workshop Series: Value Momentum Workshop

Our workshop series is back again!

This time, learn a hybrid form of value investing which uses a mix of fundamental and technical analysis, also known as Value Momentum.

Conducted by our veteran financial blogger, @heartlandboy (aka Alison), he will teach you to identify a company’s sustainable competitive advantage, future growth drivers and more.

He will also be sharing secrets of his investments.

Enrich your investing acumen and hear it from Heartlandboy.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday 21st November, 7pm – 9pm. 

Limited seats only.

Register now, come later. We’d see you there!



InvestingNote Seminar Series: Market Insights

InvestingNote Seminar Series: Market Insights

Come and see where the Market is heading in this special seminar!

With the recent run-up of the STI index and the US market hitting all-time highs, do you as an investor feel a little disoriented on what to do next for your investments?

Are you also asking if it is a good time to entire the market, if you have yet to do so? Where is the market is likely to head towards in the next few months?

For this special Market Insights Seminar, there’s not one but 3 veteran financial bloggers from our community, each very well versed in their own investing approaches to address these questions and share their insights on the market.

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