61 reviews in one week!

61 reviews in one week!


Just one year ago, we were still trying to grow our community of investors, traders and stock enthusiasts.

One year later, we’re getting exponentially strong user growth, messages, emails, Facebook page likes and reviews telling us that we’re doing it right.

We’re particularly proud that we’ve garnered 61 reviews in just one week on our official Facebook page. What’s special about these reviews is that all of them were heartfelt, honest reviews published publicly by our community members who really support what we’re doing.

Investingnote is the one thing that I know in 2016 that dramatically changes the way I see the market. The charting software is superb – real time (lags by 1-2 mins), excellent array of indicators to use and you can save as many charts are you want on the cloud server. I no longer use the charting software that I’ve been using for almost 10 yrs once I knew of this option available. On top of that, the community in investingote is the best there is. If you don’t believe it, just join them and ask a question, and see how many quality answers you’ll get out from there. A very supportive community makes sharing knowledge a breeze. As if that’s not enough, you can also exchange reputation points for vouchers and other goodies. Reputation points are earned by participating in the forum, like giving ideas and having others like your post. You’ll never look back once you join Investingnote. BullytheBear Blogger

InvestingNote is the best platform I have used so far for investing purposes. The team behind it also constantly try to improve it as much as possible. Although many say its for traders, but I as a FA person found it useful to get some TA perspective. Furthermore, the FA users here are the most friendly one that I found. If u invest, u should install this app. TUBInvesting Blogger


These reviews do not only make us feel that we’ve done things well, but also lights the direction we’re taking as a brand and a company.

We take pride in our work and we’re now Singapore’s largest social network for investors!


Nothing feels like getting good reviews before Christmas and the year end.

If you reading this and haven’t seen our reviews on FB yet, we’d love to see what you’ve to say about us! Just hop over to our FB page to do so now! You might be the lucky winner of an amazing Kindle 8 worth $200!




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