9 Key Takeaways From China’s Party Congress You Really Need To Know

9 Key Takeaways From China’s Party Congress You Really Need To Know

On Sunday, Chinese President Xi Jinping took the stage for the Communist Party Congress.

This event summed up the China government’s achievements in recent years and also set the direction for years to come.

Xi specifically mentioned that since the last party congress 5 years ago, it has been “extremely uncommon and abnormal”, and urged his people to be prepared for danger and major tests coming their way.

Here are the key takeaways from this Party Congress:

  1. Zero-COVID strategy will remain
  2. Taiwan as a renegade province, is awaiting reunification with the mainland, by force if necessary
  3. Hong Kong and Macau must strictly adhere to the “one country, two systems” policy
  4. No “Cold War mentality” in global diplomatic efforts – China will never seek hegemony but will focus on building a strong military to achieve a strategic deterrent capability
  5. Focus on high-quality development and expand domestic demand to advance economy – creating domestic demand with supply-side structural reforms
  6. Technology as the prime production force – importance for China to become technologically self-reliant
  7. Continuity to promote “common prosperity” strategy, boosting the size of the middle-income population while standardising income distribution
  8. Pledge to eliminate pollution and use coal in a cleaner manner
  9. Deepening of patriotic education and guidance of religion – firm control over ideology and media

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