How To Avoid Traps Laid By Big Boys Everytime

How To Avoid Traps Laid By Big Boys Everytime

Have you ever felt that the market is purposely going against you, like someone is always monitoring what you do?

Have you learnt tons of fundamental/technical knowledge and skills but still encounter difficulties to be consistently profitable in market (or even suffer huge losses)?

Do you like these feelings and scenarios to happen again and again?

Or would you like to change, become more confident and profitable in trading?

If you are a new trader, do you want to avoid gaining experience from huge losses like how many others do?

If your answer is no, then how do you test-drive new strategies and yet still beat the market without paying all your profits back while you learn?

The Game Theory Strategy might be the answer.

A Game Theory Expert, Dr. Robin Han, explains why so many traders and investors feel as though the market purposely goes against them, as if someone is always monitoring what they do.

This is because they fail to see that most of the time, trading in the stock market is a zero-sum competition, and our counter-party knows what we (retail investors) know and they also want to “buy low sell high”.

This could be the reason why more than 90% of retail investors can’t consistently profit in market (or even suffer huge losses), even with adequate fundamental/technical knowledge and skills.

For new traders, this would be the classic case of “paying tuition fee” to the market.

The Unspoken Truths Of The Stock Market:

1. Big Boys always have the advantage as they have information that retail investors don’t.

2. Big Boys can always influence the information and data, as well as share price.

3. Most retail investors do their homework but it is never enough. Stock prices don’t always follow fundamentals or technicals in reality, not only because they are lagging indicators, but also because many a time what we know, is what Big Boys want us to know and we will most likely act the way they want us to.

4. Failure to acknowledge that the stock market is essentially a zero-sum competition that creates winners and losers is the real problem.

5. Big Boys always lay market traps for retail investors to catch them off guard and emerge as winners.

How can we change these ugly truths of the market as retail investors?

1. We may need to understand how the market really works and avoid market traps laid by Big Boys everytime.

2. We may need to have an experienced mentor to guide you along the way.

3. We may need to acquire a strong set of game-changing TA skills to know what Big Boys don’t usually tell you.

Over years of research and experience on Game Theory and “market trap” analysis, Dr. Han has developed a set of skills and proprietary indicators to identify stocks at the right timing. It has helped him to perform well even when market is lousy.


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✔ Besides picking a crucial watchlist, timing definitely is the most important factor in trading. Not only can Game Theory help to find the right stocks, it also helps you to trade at right timing, saving you from suffering a lot whipsaw or holding on to seemingly ‘good stocks at a wrong price’ but eventually suffer huge losses when the hidden bad news is finally announced. You will be updated on stocks in the watchlist in real-time, according to Game Theory practice to find a good entry with high probability and low risk: not too late, not too early. You will be updated on how the “Game” will change step by step and how to react according, so you can learn how to apply Game Theory in live trading.

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