Claim Valuable Prizes by Just Start Posting in InvestingNote

Claim Valuable Prizes by Just Start Posting in InvestingNote

Miss out the chance to claim some crazy prizes during Chinese New Year? Worry not! Now you can exchange valuable prizes by just posting in InvestingNote.

As an encouragement and appreciation to our community, we proudly introduce to you the Rewards Changing system in InvestingNote. There are plenty of different rewards that you can claim with your rewards point:

How to claim:

  1. Be part of our investing community:
  2. Start posting and engage with the community
  3. As your reputation points grow, you can now exchange your points with the rewards. (1 reputation point = 1 rewards point)

You’ll automatically gain 10 reputation points after you register a free account in InvestingNote and all you need to do is gain 20 reputation points to exchange your first rewards.

Quickly start claiming your rewards now! Click here to start.

How to exchange rewards:

  1. Click on the “Reputation” at home page

2. Click on “Rewards” after you enter the Reputation landing page

3. Choose the rewards that you want to exchange with your rewards point

4. Fill in your details and click “Redeem”. We’ll send you the rewards as soon as we received your request!

How to Gain Reputation?

The primary way to gain reputation is by posting good investing ideas and stock estimates that are well received by other community members. Quality investing posts, comments and stock estimates that garner likes, comments and shares make the top of this list and deserve the reputation points. This essentially means you’re creating value for everyone.

The number of likes, shares and followers are not translated into reputation points literally. We’ve devised a proprietary system that is able to tell quality posts and comments apart from the rest, and allocate reputation points accordingly.

Three things to note if you want to get higher reputation:

1. Show your investing finesse

This is the time you should show off. If you’ve got good trading signals or great analysis, share it with everyone so that we can all benefit. If other members can benefit from what you say, your reputation will increase. Be truthful at all times and don’t mislead. If people know you’re not doing so, there goes your reputation. Also, if you’re posting advertising or promotional materials, there goes your reputation too (apart from being banned).

If you’re talking about a specific stock, tag it accordingly. This will benefit those who’re looking out for the stock and see your post. Chances are, they will give you the reputation you deserve.

2. Presentation is the key

Presentation is equally important as your investing finesse. If no one can make out what you say, your analysis cannot shine. Make it easy for others to understand and engage by writing in a neutral or courteous tone. If you’re into trading, back up your analysis with pictures of our charts. Our download/share feature for the charts makes it convenient for you to do that. If you’re into investing, back up your analysis with reports or links to articles. Doing so will provide more credibility to your posts/comments, which will add to your reputation.

Don’t post too many posts or comments all at one go. To other people, it will come across as spam. You already know what they do to spammers – they won’t get any reputation.

3. Engage nicely with others

Nobody likes a person who ignores or attacks other people, but everyone likes one who talks to them nicely. Everyone in the community is here to share and learn. Play nice with others and others will play nice with you, cause that’s how it goes. When in doubt, always remember the Golden Rule: be respectful, because your reputation is at stake. As Warren Buffett puts it: “it takes twenty years to build a reputation but only five minutes to ruin it.”

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