Come for the 1st Market Outlook For 2020!

Come for the 1st Market Outlook For 2020!

We run the largest community of investors in Singapore and every new year, this is THE #1 question every investor will ask:

Which part of the stock market will help me to profit better in 2020?

Fact is, our local market has been stuck in a trading range for a large part of 2019.

After making a low last October, local banks, big developers and particularly electronics manufacturers have a good run, partly fuelled by US markets hitting an all-time and progress made in US-China trade talk.

Investors heaved a sign of relief but is this run likely to be short-lived, especially with more geopolitical tensions like the US-Iran situation surfacing?

So this time, the question is not just which part of the stock market will help me to profit better in 2020, but also what to avoid in 2020.

Experienced investors and traders will sense a storm is brewing – it’s been more than 13 years since the previous one. Doomsayers have been warning about an impending crash since years ago and it’s not hard to understand why.

At some point, the consequences of the loose monetary policies, geopolitical conflicts, and rising debt levels will break out into a global financial “storm”.

To help you get a better understanding of the market this year, we’re inviting you to an exclusive Market Outlook For 2020, which also happens to be the first of the year.


To give you a headstart this year, veteran speaker CK Ee will be sharing on the following:

✔ Hidden forces (apart from global economic/political events) that drive the market and why most investors and traders lose money
✔ How to recognize signs of a bear market in the making and take advantage of it
✔ What are some of the variables to keep tab on during market slowdown?
✔ Which market will reap the most benefits and which will be most affected
✔ Gain insight into the various asset classes and more!

Due to popular demand, this seminar will have strictly limited seats (more than half of the seats taken during 1st day of registration).

Register for yours now before it runs out! 


This event is exclusively hosted and sponsored by City Index Singapore.

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