Event Recap: Contrarian Value Investing Workshop

Event Recap: Contrarian Value Investing Workshop

The Contrarian Value Investing Workshop last Friday was a blast!


Conducted by Terence, the man behind the blog of TUB Investing and the creator of the super scorecard, the workshop taught the audience how the contrarian approach can be adopted by retail investors.


Terence also gave tips on how he uses the contrarian approach on his scorecard and what are the key things that investors should always look for in a company’s cashflow statements.


The event venue provider, CMC Markets also gave a demo of their platform and even had a few sign ups from the crowd.

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Thank you Terence and CMC Markets for conducting the workshop and providing the event venue for our community.

We hope the workshop was useful and fruitful for all those who took their time to attend!

If you like our workshop series, we will be having another workshop on Technical Analysis (TA) later this month. So stay tuned!

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