[Event Recap] Exclusive Corporate Visit To Hyphens Pharma (SGX:1J5)

[Event Recap] Exclusive Corporate Visit To Hyphens Pharma (SGX:1J5)

Last Saturday, we just had an exclusive corporate visit to Hyphens Pharma International Limited and the turn-out was great!

We were given the opportunity to have the C-Suite management, Mr Lim See Wah (CEO) and Ms Fang Lee Wei (CFO) of Hyphens Group to showcase the company to our community members.

The visit started off with an opening speech by Hyphens Group CEO, Mr Lim See Wah, which included a brief introduction of the company.



The audience watching a short corporate video.

After the introduction, we went on to tour the newly integrated facility of Hyphens company grounds.


Mr Lim giving detailed explanations about the popular products such as Ocean Health and also the achievements attained by Hyphens Group.



The tour continued with Mr Lim giving more descriptions about the operations of the company such as the technology being used in the production line.


Next, we also visited the storage area with Mr Lim explaining more about the inventory and distribution of the products covered by Hyphens Group.


After the tour of the integrated facility, we had a panel discussion with Hyphens Group CEO and CFO, Mr Lim and Ms Fang respectively. It was held by our veteran community member and financial blogger, James from SmallCapAsia.

They also took questions from the audience during the Q&A session. Many of our community members were very sharp and detailed with their questions!


A group photo of our community with CEO Mr Lim See Wah before the session ended!

That’s all folks!

We’d like to thank everyone from our community who came and gave us your support. Special thanks to the management of Hyphens Pharma International Limited (SGX:1J5) for being so hospitable and kind to let our community tour their grounds on a Saturday.

We will also be creating a video on the visit just like what we did for our previous visit here. (stay tuned!)

We sincerely hope this corporate visit was an eye-opener and it was a good experience for retail investors.

We believe that being able to go behind the scenes and understand how the business really functions is a totally different experience. It marks a huge leap forward compared to analyzing a company’s operations and financial numbers on paper.

We will also hold more of such company visits in the near future and we will also be uploading the video of this corporate visit soon, so stay tuned!

This corporate visit is part of the Investor-One Stock Pitch Challenge, and conceived to help participants generate research ideas and insights. Hence, priority was given to those who’ve registered to be a participant. If you’re intending to participate, please find out more and register through the link here: http://bit.ly/i1Challenge2019

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