New Launch: DIY Investing To Dividend Stocks Online Course + eBook

New Launch: DIY Investing To Dividend Stocks Online Course + eBook

Introducing an all-new online course that will help you to achieve the steady passive income through quality dividend stocks. And, we’re not even talking about REITs.

This course’s main goal is to equip you with knowledge and the ability to build and manage your dividend portfolio, so that in the future, that portfolio will grow and replace your monthly salary, giving you the time and financial independence you deserve.

Learning at your own pace and own target, we guarantee you’ll walk away with:

✔ A broad knowledge of the fundamentals of dividend investing (with a focus on dividend companies)
✔ The ability to find great dividend-paying companies on your own
✔ The know-how to structure, track, and manage your dividend portfolio 

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The course will explain how to interpret and calibrate key financial ratios and gain the confidence to make sophisticated dividend-stock-picking decisions.

Using the course’s proprietary 11 Dividend Growth (DG) mandates and 13 Dividend Sustainability (DS) mandates (checklists), you will begin to rely on a system, not emotions, to drive important investment decisions.

This course will help you engage new software programs to screen for great dividend companies effectively, as well as track and monitor your returns efficiently.

The curriculum will also touch on the technical aspects of portfolio re-balancing (using a customised Excel model).
This course is also available as a comprehensive, easy to read eBook.

Who’s this course for?

✔ Investors who have a long term investment horizon and are excited by dividends

✔ Investors who are not highly taxed on the dividends they receive

✔ Investors looking for another fundamentally sound investment strategy (other than Value Investing)

✔ Investors with a strong desire to learn and attain financial independence

✔ Those pursuing a career as a financial planner, financial analyst, stock broker, or fund manager

About the Instructor

Ivan is one of the top course instructors on our marketplace, who started the REITs Masterclass and The Winning with REITs eBook.

He graduated from one of Asia’s top business schools and trained as an lead trainer in various industries. Ivan is an avid value investor since 2007, and is considered by many as an up and coming leading authority on Dividend Yielding Investments.

With his second published book: Winning with REITs, Ivan looks to help everyday, average investors significantly improve their investment returns and manage their portfolio risks properly.

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