Workshop: Build your DIY investing portfolio with 10 Simple Steps

Workshop: Build your DIY investing portfolio with 10 Simple Steps

This latest workshop in our series, is all about helping retail investors focus on key criteria in the stock selection and portfolio allocation process by using a solid checklist.

Serious investing requires the investor to do his homework.

Every piece of homework done needs to follow a structure. Like the great Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet, great investors always have a plan.

Like the saying goes…”Failing to plan, is planning to fail.”

This is the workshop that teaches you how to plan your portfolio, by first creating the most crucial part of the plan: the checklist.

Whether you’re a totally newbie or an experienced investor, having a solid investing checklist is necessary because it will set the criteria, tone and structure to pick the best stocks and also manage the worse threat faced by investors when it happens – Fear.

In this session, we will share with you how you should build your own portfolio using this 10-step checklist.

Conducted by @Smallcapasia, you will learn the following from this workshop:

1) What to Buy

Stop all your Guesswork! Learn to Filter for Stocks based on a Pre-Set list of Criteria or Hypothesis instead.

2) When to Buy

One simply should not Buy a Stock based on its Share Price (E.g. 52 week Low etc) One should buy a stock when it meets the Right Criteria.

3) At What Price

Market Price offers ‘Margin of Safety’ compared to Intrinsic Value (e.g. PEG <= 0.7). We shall go through 2 stocks using PEG and DCF models here.

4) How Much to Buy

This question entails to how much you should put in each investment out of your capital. Unravelling the Time-based or Risk Tolerance approaches.

5) Monitoring Your Holdings

Monitoring your portfolio can be a time-waster. Learn how to do it for a fraction of the time with resources.

6) When to Sell

Contrary to Warren Buffett’s Buy-and-Hold approach, he does sell off stocks that no longer meet his criteria or hypothesis. So should You. I will tell you which criteria should trigger your “sell” decision.

7) Portfolio Structure

Do you prefer Focus or Diversified Investing? Find out their difference and how you should package your portfolio. E.g. 90% Stocks, 10% Cash; Diversified across various industries.

8) Where to Search

Finding Good Stock Picks can be a pain with the Incessant Media noises out there. We will showcase a few avenues you can search for them.

9) Handling Mistakes

Everyone make mistakes, even legendary investors. You will learn how to face the common challenges and recover from mistakes in your investing journey.

10) What To Do When System Fails

If you continue to invest for years and have never seen a positive gain in your portfolio, chances are that your ‘system’ has failed. Stop Investing and do an overhaul of your Investing Strategy or consult mentors.

These are 10 steps briefly that will help you to have a DIY portfolio. This workshop will go into depth and explain each step as simple and as clear as possible.

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Time: 28th June, Thursday, 7 – 9pm

Venue: City Index 6 Battery Road #20-01 Singapore, 049909 (nearest MRT: Raffles Place)

Limited seats only. Register Now, Come Later!


We’d see you there!

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