[Event Recap] Active Traders Club Gathering For June on Risk Management

[Event Recap] Active Traders Club Gathering For June on Risk Management

We just had our Active Traders Club Gathering yesterday where the theme was Risk. Top traders shared on their assessment to current markets’ risk, introduction of a market timing indicator, doing proper risk analysis and how to use stop-loss effectively.



This time round, we have invited a special guest speaker, Alvin Li, who is a derivatives expert from Hong Kong.



Our guest speaker of the night, Alvin Li, gave his insights on How to capitalise on Risk, using derivatives such as Daily Leverage Certificate(DLC). We also previously wrote a simple quick-read article which you should read, on how DLCs actually work.



We also had our veteran community member and remisier, Ong Bee Heng sharing his views on risk management when it comes to trading as shown in the picture above.


Next, we had the Winner of The 2018 SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge, Aaron Sim of the popular blog TheBearProwl, giving a presentation on Global Macro Outlook for 2019 and using the CBOE Volatility Index (^VIX) as an indicator to forecast trends, primarily the S&P 500 Index.



Last but not the least, we had an open panel discussion for the attendees to ask questions about trading risk management and hedging techniques from top traders themselves.

Thanks to everyone who came down for this event. Your support meant a lot to us.

Special thanks to our speakers Alvin Li, Ong Bee Heng and Aaron Sim for their time, informative and wonderful presentations.

That’s all for now. Do look out for our next event!

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As pictures really speak a thousand words, we’re happy that we’ve assembled a group of extraordinary traders with different skillsets and styles to come together to join this Active Traders’ Club. This event was an exclusive event for Active Traders’ Club members.


If you don’t already know what Active Traders’ Club is, it is the first and largest club for Active Traders in Singapore.

See you on the inside!


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