Exclusive Interview with Joseph Yap, Partner, Capital Markets SAC Capital

Exclusive Interview with Joseph Yap, Partner, Capital Markets SAC Capital

Recently, we got in touch with Mr Joseph Yap, Partner of SAC Capital and also one of the renowned panel of judges for the upcoming Investor-One Challenge. He has shared with us his career path and his words of advice for young budding professionals who plan to work in the finance industry.


1. SAC Capital is one of Singapore’s leading corporate finance firms. As a partner, can you share with us how SAC Capital helps companies to get listed?

We are able to help companies get listed as we understand the unique needs of our client’s needs, and steer them in the right direction. We take pride in providing quality counsel, and ensuring our projects stay on steady course at all times so that our clients and partners enjoy peace of mind. At the same time, our progressiveness spurs us onward, to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to surpass the demands of the markets and our clients.

2. We also know that SAC Capital are one of the main sponsors of Catalist-listed companies, which can seem fairly complex. For the benefit of our audience, can you share with us briefly how does sponsorship of companies work and what’s the process like?

Our principal scope of services as a Catalist Sponsor is to advise and guide our sponsored issuers in relation to their continuing listing obligations, on an ongoing basis under the Catalist Rules. Our experienced team of professionals work closely with the directors and management team of the sponsored issuers and assist them in disclosure and compliance matters for corporate actions and developments.

3. We’re interested in your inspiring story: how did you get started in your career and how did you get to become a partner of SAC Capital today?

I started my career as an auditor with one of the Big Four accounting firms before joining the stockbroking industry as an equity research analyst. I was with several financial institutions in the equity research and capital markets roles before joining SAC Capital in 2012.

4. What’s your philosophy in running a company?

In running a company, I believe a meritocracy system coupled with the human spirit to embrace failure (ie. instead of complaining) are the key factors for success. Other beliefs include constant innovations to improve service offerings and the preparedness to stay ahead of competitions.

5. What are the most important skill sets that you reckon are crucial in this ever-changing finance industry and how can someone acquire or hone these skills quickly in today’s context? 

The ability to multi-task and a constant hunger to learn are some of the important skills that are crucial. One has to recognise that ever-changing finance industry will require an individual to handle several roles/ responsibilities simultaneously and to obtain new knowledge arising from technological and structural changes.

6. What qualities do you look out for when it comes to hiring a potential candidate?

I would say that the constant hunger to learn and the willingness to take on greater responsibilities and bigger leadership roles, is something that a candidate can set himself apart.

7. What advice do you have for budding young professionals who aim to achieve accelerated career progression in this field of corporate finance?

Be truthful to yourself on why you like this career. Your real passion is the key driver to accelerate your career progression.   

Once again, Mr Joseph Yap is a partner at SAC Capital, Capital Markets and also one of the renowned judges for the upcoming Investor-One Challenge.

Investor-One Challenge is the biggest, public stock pitch, ever held in Singapore. Registration is still open here.

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