JOIN US AT THE FINALS [Investor-One Stock Pitch Challenge 2019]

JOIN US AT THE FINALS [Investor-One Stock Pitch Challenge 2019]

This is it. This is the Finals for Singapore’s biggest ever stock pitch challenge open to the public!


To spice it up, we’ve included one more team into the Finals.

After vote consolidation, here are your top teams:
• BIC Capital – stock: $UnUsUaL(1D1.SI)
• T3 Capital – stock: $Jumbo(42R.SI)
• Prinsep Capital – stock: $Hyphens Pharma(1J5.SI)
• Alexis Capital – stock: $Synagie(V2Y.SI)
• The Oracles – stock: $Clearbridge(1H3.SI)
• Primordial Capital – stock: $Hyphens Pharma(1J5.SI)
• Thebearprowl – stock: $Memories(1H4.SI)

Read their reports here:

Sign up for the event happening on 14th September Saturday at the SGX Auditorium to watch these top 7 teams battle it out LIVE, on stage.


7 different teams, pitching different stocks. 6 renowned judges. 3 top winners will go home with cash prizes.

See how it will end here:

Who will be crowned champions for the first-ever, inaugural public stock pitch? Who will be you rooting for? Register now!


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