We’re Hiring! Join Our A Team For The Job

We’re Hiring! Join Our A Team For The Job


InvestingNote is the only free social network designed specifically for the sharing of stock data, news, insights and tips. We’re a Fintech startup based in Singapore.

Besides having access to quality stock data like prices and announcements, users can upload/access research reports, charts and make stock price estimations. Users can also gain reputation points when they have followers, likes and posts. Professional users from the finance industry are given verified badges to enhance credibility.

Mixing serious stock data with fun elements of social media, our key value lies in helping investors get more financial literacy, gain access to more information and have better investing outcomes through social networking and community. Besides having a free social network, we’ve also launched an entirely new peer-to-peer marketplace for investors to get premium access to a wide variety of investing resources such as ebooks, courses and analysis.

We’ve grown a lot ever since we were invested by SPH through ShareInvestor back in 2015. The platform was rebuilt and officially pushed to market in early 2016.

Ever since then, our traffic from both website and mobile apps has been grown exponentially. We have close to 10 million monthly page views now and we are proud to be the largest stock investing community in Singapore.

To further enhance our product and expand regionally, we are looking to hire another full stack web developer and another mobile app developer to join our wonderful team.

What are we looking for?

The most important thing we’re looking for is a strong passion with the technology and desire to improve the product and yourself. Being an independent and fast learner is also another key trait. In a startup, you won’t always be working on one thing as it’s a fast-paced environment that requires diverse skills. If you are a web developer, we hope you can learn mobile app development as part of the job as well.

If you are a junior developer looking for a challenge, we welcome you to apply for the job as well. We hope to be able to nurture you to be a great developer by being a part of our team at InvestingNote and also join us on the journey of growing the company together.

Below are some descriptions for the available job positions in our team. We’re looking forward to have You be a part of the best team that’ll build a great company together!

Full Stack Web Developer

The main responsibility of the role is in charge of web development for our core production http://www.investingnote.com.

  • Full-stack Ruby on Rails development
  • Development of RESTful API functions
  • Improvement of our platform’s UI / UX

Apart from Ruby on Rails development, you will have opportunity to work with Node.JS application. If you have not learned about Ruby on Rails before but have other relevant web development skills, that’s fine as well.

Mobile App Developer

The main responsibility of the role is to help enhance our native Android and iOS mobile application.

  • Contribute to our native apps written in Swift for iOS and Java for Android
  • Integrate with our backend API services to make sure we are delivering a great mobile user experience that’s super-fast for end users
  • Help improve code quality through writing unit tests, automation and performing code reviews
  • Dive into difficult problems and successfully deliver results within a schedule


Email us with your resume to admin@investingnote.com or click the button below to apply now:


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