Interview With A Nominee Of InvestingNote Awards 2021: ljunyuan

Interview With A Nominee Of InvestingNote Awards 2021: ljunyuan

We have launched the final voting for InvestingNote Awards 2021 4 days ago! Have you voted for our nominees?

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Not sure who to vote for? Not to worry! We have one of our top nominees here today, @ljunyuan to share with us his experiences and thoughts!

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What’s your profession?

Jun Yuan: Full-Time Retail Trader cum Investor

How many years have you been trading/investing. Which markets do you usually trade?

Jun Yuan: Have been trading since late-2017, where I was mainly focused on the Singapore market. But in the middle of 2020, I started to venture into the US, and later on into the HK market.

How did you start trading and what got you started?

Jun Yuan: How I got involved with the stock market due to the passing of my dad – prior to that I have zero interest in it. As an executor of his Will, I needed to know of a way to deal with his shareholdings. So I had “no choice” but to learn everything there is to know about trading and investing (to help me make the right decisions.) As I was studying about it, I started to grow an interest in it and tried dipping my toes into it, and the rest is history. 🙂

How do you improve your investing/trading skills?

Jun Yuan: Apart from interacting from like-minded individuals from investing forums like InvestingNote, I do a lot of reading as I believe in constantly improving myself (where I pick up just about any books I can find about trading and/or investing authored by fellow Singaporean traders and/or investors, as well as those from Malaysia – as the context is one that I can relate to.)

Can you tell us when did you started using InvestingNote? How is your journey being our community member?

Jun Yuan: Back in October 2018, where, at that point in time, I had only just one year’s worth of experience as a retail investor and/or trader (if you were to browse back to my first threads in the platform, you can tell how much a greenhorn I was back then.) And throughout my time as a community member in the forum, I have learned a lot from fellow members – who were very willing to share with me what they know, and all these interactions allowed me to improve myself – in terms of my strategies, and helped improve my results.

Tell us one feature you like about InvestingNote.

Jun Yuan: The very interactive platform allowing fellow community members to engage in 2-way communication.

Tell us the one legendary trader/investor who influenced you the most.

Jun Yuan: Adam Khoo – because his book “The Secret of Millionaire Investors” was the very first book I have read; have also followed his videos in his YouTube channel and I never fail to learn something new from each and every video he’s posted.

Tell us the one book that you would recommend to our community members.

Jun Yuan: “The Secret of Millionaire Investors” by Adam Khoo, because of the way he explain in the book how to go about getting started in trading and/or investing, which makes it easy for complete beginners (prior to reading this book I have zero knowledge about trading and investing; I also do not have any knowledge in how to go about digesting the numbers in a financial report and also the technical charts) to understand.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your supporters/ investors/ traders?

Jun Yuan: A big thank you to each and every one of you for your support and encouragement – without them, The Singaporean Investor probably will not make it till this very day.

I will not forget the days when many of you showered me with encouragement messages (I was really touched by them) when the first version of the website was removed by the hosting provider as a result of a miscommunication (and I so nearly wanted to call it a day on that) – but the support and encouragement of community members got me going once again (and eventually I set up another version of The Singaporean Investor and continued going till now…)

Thank you also to those who have nominated for me to move on to the final stage of being InvestingNote’s “Most Popular Member”, and also to those who have voted for me now in the voting stage. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

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