Interviews with Top of the Tournament Leaderboard

Interviews with Top of the Tournament Leaderboard

Interviews with Top of the Tournament Leaderboard

This mini-interview series is to showcase some of the prominent participants of the tournament leaderboard and what propels them to be able to trade well.

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This is @3Fs, who made the leaderboard, had a top winning trade on 15 Oct and who is one of Singapore’s most prominent and influential financial bloggers. He is also veteran community member and blogger on InvestingNote, with username known as 3Fs and 1800+ followers.

See what he’s been trading here via his open portfolio here:…

How many years have you been trading?
3Fs: I have been investing/trading for almost 10 years now since the inception of my blog (

What’s your profession?
3Fs: I am accounting trained and am currently the Head of Finance for a start up firm.

How did you start trading and what got you started?
3Fs: I was intrigued at the idea of passive dividend income that will allow me to supplement my current income hence I began to pursue my stretch target goal which is to reach the stage of Financial Independence at the age of 35. Over time, I began to tweak my strategy a little bit and also embed some form of catalysts and technical analysis in my purchase/sell decision.

Can you share more about your trading plan?
3Fs: My investing/trading plan is usually targeted on companies which has a catalyst in play, whether for the good or bad. Earnings season makes it easier to spot as market tends to be most sensitive to earnings season. For longer term holdings, the standard fundamental metrics such as free cash flow, dividend yield, good management still applies.

How do you usually determine an entry for a particular trade?
3Fs: I would usually be very patient with my purchase entry and wait until the right time before I entry. I would once again check the fundamentals of the company, and do a mental check if the company can withstand the next 10 years. There are usually some compelling opportunities that will surface if you are patient enough. Last but not least, I also like to buy at the support line, just to make sure that everything is aligned and priced in (for bad news).

How do you usually determine an exit for a particular trade?
3Fs: I usually exit if I find that the company is over valued or if there are better alternatives elsewhere I could park my money.

The goal here is to keep looking and shopping around for better deals until it doesn’t exist. If the company still has room for growth, I would also happily keep them inside the portfolio.

What would you say to new traders who want to trade well?
3Fs: I would say be patient about finding a strategy that fits your niche area of competency. The time will come and it is also not necessary to get into a position everyday. What we need is a quality position and not measured in terms of quantity.

You have to give yourself a hard choice to make by making your hit rate higher than the average people on the street.


Once again, 3fs is a prominent community member of InvestingNote and has also guest-written other articles in our blog as well. Check out his article on how to grow your investment ‘warchest’ here.

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