InvestingNote Awards 2021?

InvestingNote Awards 2021?

The InvestingNote community has grown over the years and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude towards everyone.

This year, we are introducing the inaugural InvestingNote Awards, as a way for our brilliant members to gain more recognition.

1. InvestingNote Award 2021: Most Popular Member?
This award is given to one special member, whom our community recognizes collectively as the most well-liked and influential.

2. InvestingNote Award 2021: 2021 Life-Changing Post?
This award is given to one special member, whose post in 2021 has created some significant impact in people’s lives – as recognized by our community collectively.

Both awards will have 1 round of public nomination, followed by 1 round of public voting.

Round 1 nomination starts now! Start nominate your most popular member and life changing post here:

InvestingNote Awards 2021 – Most Popular Member:

InvestingNote Awards 2021 – 2021 Life-Changing Post:

Round 1 period is from 7th January to 16th January (12AM). Hurry and nominate now!

InvestingNote Awards 2021 T&Cs:

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