InvestingNote Feature Series – Virtual Investment Stock Portfolio

InvestingNote Feature Series – Virtual Investment Stock Portfolio

InvestingNote platform is designed with a myriad of features for investors to share investment ideas, track stock prices, stay updated with stock calendar and alerts, set up their own virtual investment stock portfolio.


In today’s post, we will be sharing about the portfolio feature in the platform. You may find the portfolio button at the top navigation panel as shown below.


In the portfolio page, users will be able to manage multiple portfolios across different stock markets, and be able to benchmark their portfolio with against various trade indices such as STI, HSI and S&P 500. This benchmarking will give investors the advantage of personalizing their portfolios according to the different markets and compare them with the respective index, hence providing a better understanding of how their portfolio is performing.


Another key feature in the portfolio page is Sector Allocation. This feature helps to categorize investors’ transactions based on the activity or industry the listed stock engages in. With the heavy emphasis on the need to diversify ones’ portfolio across multiple industries, this sector allocation feature will give investors a quick preview of how diversified their portfolio is with the use of percentage breakdowns and visual pie chart.


Last but not least, users can also track dividend records in their portfolio. Dividends payouts can be difficult to track as companies do not pay them regularly and different companies can pay them out at varying periods. The dividend feature in the portfolio page allows users to include past dividend payouts from up to 20 years ago, as well as calculating the amount of payouts the user received. This feature will also indicate upcoming dividend payouts announced by the listed companies.


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