InvestingNote Interview Series: Ask PhillipCapital’s Analyst!

InvestingNote Interview Series: Ask PhillipCapital’s Analyst!


We’re having our first-ever Interview Series where we will be interviewing some very important people and asking them questions that you, as a retail investor, want answered. The aim of this series is not only to give retail investors a voice and help you become better at investing, but also to bridge the knowledge gaps between financial institutions.

How does it work:

The theme for this interview will be Property Stocks & REITs.

Here is a sample list of questions that you will be selecting for the analyst to answer. The top 8 questions will be selected by a poll and we will conduct the interview with the analyst. Thereafter, Dehong will answer your questions and the transcript of the interview will be posted here.

Sample Questions you can ask:
Should you still stay vested or invest in a REIT when DPU falls or stays the same?
What is the prospect of the property market within the next 6 months?
What’s 3 key things to look out for when buying a REIT or property counter?
Is gearing ratio a deal-breaker for you when it comes to REITs and property counters?

How to participate:

Comment below only one question you have regarding any REIT or property counters. Only the top 8 questions with the highest number of likes will be selected and asked during the interview with the analyst.

Rules of the poll:

The selection process will also involve moderation to pick out the most appropriate and popular questions. This process precedes the number of likes/comments and it will be at the our discretion. Only questions regarding the theme will be eligible to be selected.

In the case of questions with the same number of likes, selection will be based on chronological order. Please only post the questions in the comments, and not in the replies to other comments.

This poll ends tomorrow, 9th May, Tuesday 5pm. We will stop accepting questions after this timing.
Thereafter, we will select and compile the questions and conduct the interview with the analyst. We will then be publishing the full transcript of the interview on our platform and community.

See the results here: button_click-here

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