InvestingNote Seminar Series: Market Insights

InvestingNote Seminar Series: Market Insights

Come and see where the Market is heading in this special seminar!

With the recent run-up of the STI index and the US market hitting all-time highs, do you as an investor feel a little disoriented on what to do next for your investments?

Are you also asking if it is a good time to entire the market, if you have yet to do so? Where is the market is likely to head towards in the next few months?

For this special Market Insights Seminar, there’s not one but 3 veteran financial bloggers from our community, each very well versed in their own investing approaches to address these questions and share their insights on the market.

Each of the speakers are @BrennenPak@TUBInvesting@marubozu with their own forte in FA and REITs.

Brennen is a blogger, stock educator and an avid member of the InvestingNote community.

Brennen Pak graduated as an engineer in 1988, and had been in corporate life for about 21 years until 2009. Since his graduate, he started investing in shares. In those days, there was no proper channel for the public to learn investment knowledge. For the first 10 years, Brennen’s investment activities was ruled more by emotions than objectivity. His share performance had been mediocre to average. He often sell off the fundamentally good shares for a few hundred dollars of profit out of fear that the share prices would fall and live in hope that prices would rise for those losing trades in his portfolio.

His worst experience was during the Asian Financial Crisis (1997 to 1998) where he suffered a total loss amounting to six-digit figures mainly due to panic selling of fundamentally strong shares at a huge loss. Subsequently, a question from his brother on whether he knew the companies he invested in set him thinking about his past strategies and prompted him to do extensive research on the various investing techniques. Over the years, he has tested, retested and refined his investment approach through value investing techniques. For the next 10 years, he turned his portfolio from a loss of $100k to more that $1m despite experiencing several crises such as the Dot-Com bubble burst (2000-2001), September 11 terrorist attacks on World Trade Centre in New York (2001), SARS (2003), the Global Financial Crisis (2008) and the recent European Financial Crisis (2011-2013). He was featured on the Sunday Times on 21 November 2010. Today, he continues to build on his portfolio to new heights despite leaving the corporate life.

He runs his blog here and also contributes actively to our community as @BrennenPak.


Kenny Loh, one of the pioneer financial blogger in Singapore since 2009. His blog attracts over 19000 blog readers from over 110 countries.

Kenny is especially passionate about REITs and has been conducting the longest running REITs investing course in Singapore where he teaches his simple yet effective method of REITs investing.

Featured by media such as AsiaOne, The New Paper and SharesInv for his opinions about REITs, Kenny is also a much sought after speaker at events by organisations such as SGX, SIAS, CIMB securities, RHB securities, InvestingNote, City Index, OnlineTradersClub (Singapore) and Adam Khoo’s Wealth Academy Investors Inner Circle.

Now, Kenny helps private clients in estate planning, and he is also licensed to advise and manage investment portfolio for private individuals, currently managing millions.

He is also an avid community member in InvestingNote, under the moniker @marubozu.

T.U.B is a full-timer in the finance industry who started investing in 2009/10. Like many of us, he has his fair share of mistakes at the start of his investing journey. The worst was when he used up all his saving to bet on warrants, losing half of the saving.

It was only after reading the book, Value Investing: Tools and Technique for Intelligent Investment by James Moniter, in 2011 that he realise the need for a more consistent value-focus strategy. He tried reading more books, but it became apparent that the more information he gather, the more he got confused. Thus, he stopped and came up with his own way of analyzing companies’ financial statements by gathering the key concepts from each book he read.

Subsequent investments resulted in more hits than misses, giving him the confidence to declare that he has found his own unique way of investing.

Currently, his investment methods has evolved significantly. He uses a few different methods to invest. However, all these methods are always centered around value-investing concepts and fundamental analysis.

He is the veteran blogger behind the popular blog, and is also an active InvestingNote community member, @TUBInvesting.

Hear it from them as they will be presenting their individual insights for 30 minutes each, followed by a 20 minutes panel discussion to address questions from the audiences.

Get your questions answered on Wednesday, 23 August 2017, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Seats are limited!

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