InvestingNote Platform and App Tutorial

InvestingNote Platform and App Tutorial

We’ve been receiving feedback from our community members that some of them find it difficult to navigate and fully utilise both our platform and mobile app. (it’s free)

We’ve created a series of quick, short tutorials to help everyone navigate our platform and app better. If you’re not already using our app, we recommend you to get our app to check the latest happenings in the market on-the-go!

So if you’ve ever encountered any difficulties while using our app, you can refer to the tutorials attached, presented according to the different functions.

There are a couple of under-utilised features that would be useful, such as filtering posts and accessing corporate announcements and calendar.

1) For posting, filtering estimations and discussions: click here

2) For stock-specific News & Data: click here

3) For corporate calendar, finding Top Community members and Invest Academy (beginner/insights section): click here

4) For Investors’ Marketplace Purchases and Access: click here 

5) For knowing how to utilise our watchlist and virtual portfolio: click here 

6) For Complete Charting Tool tutorial: click here

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