Investor Starter Workshop At Hwa Chong Institution!

Investor Starter Workshop At Hwa Chong Institution!

We had the honour and privilege to do an investor starter workshop at Hwa Chong Institution last week!

In association with SIAS (Securities Investors Association Singapore), we conducted a 3 hour workshop for Hwa Chong Institution for junior college students to take the first look into their investment journey.


The famous clock tower inside Hwa Chong Institution.


The structure of the workshop included the following:

  • What Is Investing?
  • Types Of Investments
  • A Crash Course On Investing
  • Free Resources To Get Started
  • Group Activity With A Grand Prize!
  • Rising Trends In The Investing World such as


The students were also split into groups after an hour of crash course, and each group were to present on one stock selected from the STI component.

To our surprise, the students surpassed our expectations!

whatsapp-image-2018-10-05-at-18-08-30The winning team was presented with a great grand prize and other groups walked away with thumbdrives.

whatsapp-image-2018-10-05-at-18-08-32whatsapp-image-2018-10-05-at-18-08-33Once again, special thanks to SIAS and Hwa Chong Institution for having us nurturing bright young minds on the journey of financial freedom. InvestingNote stands for financial and investment literacy as a brand and platform.

As our motto goes, we’re here to connect investors for better investing outcomes.

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