Where Are Investors Putting Their Money in 2021?

Where Are Investors Putting Their Money in 2021?

If you’re not asking this question, are you even an investor?

According to a Morningstar article written by Katherine Lynch, here are at least 2 things investors were caught doing:

1. Investors Pile Into Bonds…and Everything Else, Too

As in years past, investors are favoring bond funds by a wide margin. At the current pace, they are on track to invest a record amount into taxable-bond strategies.

The difference in 2021 is that investors have poured money into all fund categories. If sustained in the second half of the year, this would mark the first time that has happened since 2017.

2. The Sectors that investors are investing in:

In particular, investors have flocked to financials, natural resources, and equity energy funds in 2021. Technology and health funds – the apple of investors’ eyes in 2020 – have been less popular.

What does these 2 findings mean for investors?

Are we slated for a major correction? Or does this present buying opportunities?

If so, which sectors should be the key areas of focus?

We should also be asking questions with these key investing themes in mind: Inflation, Risk, Transition & Growth.

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