FAQ – InvestSG Trading Tournament 2024

FAQ – InvestSG Trading Tournament 2024

1. What is InvestSG Trading Tournament 2024? 

InvestingNote is organizing the largest trading tournament that features all the Singapore’s securities products, ranging from Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs), Structured Warrants, Stocks, ETFs, REITs etc. Learn more about markets and pit your new skills and knowledge against other fellow traders!  

2. Who is the event for?   

This event is open to traders of all levels and backgrounds. With more than 600 stocks listed on the exchange, ETFs with over S$10 billion in Asset Under Management (AUM) and over 300 structured products offering leveraged exposure, join us today to gain exposure and a first-hand experience of trading on the Singapore securities market. 

3. How can I participate in this event?   

Head over to our website to register for the InvestSG Trading Tournament – https://investsg.asia. Upon registration, participants will receive confirmation via email notification. 

4. How do I participate in the lucky draw of this tournament? 

Participants in the tournament’s lucky draw will be randomly selected from those who have registered. To have a chance to win, each participant must:  

– Make at least 3 transactions during the competition.  
– Register and participate in the InvestSG Conference at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/824953818077/.  

Additional lucky draw entries could be earned by the participants through:  
– Joining Stock Market Buddies Telegram group at https://t.me/stockmarketbuddies88 (x2 chances)  
– Registering for the Sponsors’ Broker account (x5 chances) 

Trading Competition

5. How does the competition work? 

Each participant will have to create a virtual trading account. Participants will build a simulated investment portfolio with a virtual initial capital of one hundred thousand Singapore dollars (S$100,000), through trading predefined securities products listed on SGX within the competition period.  

Each participant must make at least THREE (3) trades within the competition period to be eligible for the prizes. Participants will have to monitor the market actively during trading (no advanced limit/stop order is allowed). 

The maximum allocation of cash per trade for each underlying stock/index is 40% of the total portfolio. 

Also, please note that any participant who creates more than one (1) account shall be considered in breach of Competition Rules and will be disqualified from the competition. 

6. When does the competition begin? 

The competition will be conducted from 25 March 2024 to 12 April 2024. 

7. What trading products are available in this competition? 

This is the first trading competition that features all SGX securities products, ranging from Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs), Structured Warrants, Stocks, ETFs, and REITs etc. For the full list of stocks available in the competition, click on this link. Note that the list of DLCs and Structured Warrants available in the competition will be updated a week before the competition begins. 

8. Does the competition allow margin trading or short selling? 

Short selling and/or margin trading are NOT allowed in the competition. The trading system will check the availability of cash and securities before accepting the BUY/SELL order. 

9. Will other participants get to see what’s in my portfolio and my portfolio gain? 

During the competition period, participants’ portfolios will be set to ‘public’ and will be visible to external visitors. A leaderboard showing the most updated results of participants will be shown on the event page and Investingnote.com respectively. The leaderboard will be updated daily. 

10.  When I place a trade, how quickly does it go through? 

Each trade will be placed immediately upon execution, based on live quotes on SGX. The regular trading hours on trading days on SGX are from 9AM to 5PM, with a lunch break from 12PM – 1PM. 

11. How can I void a stock order that I made in error? 

Transactions cannot be voided. 

12. Do I need a Central Depositary (CDP) or a broker account to participate in this competition? 

Participants are NOT required to have a CDP, broker or InvestingNote account to participate in this competition. 

13. How will winners be determined?  

Winners will be determined based on the portfolio with the most capital gains at the end of the competition (5:30pm, 12 April 2024). The InvestSG Trading Tournament will take into account both realized and unrealized profits. In the case of remaining open positions at the end of the tournament, the gain or loss will be calculated using the last traded price. 

14. When will the award winners be announced? 

Winners will be selected based on the simulated investment portfolio with the most capital gains at the end of the Competition (5:30pm, 12 April 2024) and the announcement will be made not later than 12 April 2024. The winner will be announced on the event page on SGX’s and InvestingNote’s social media platforms and on InvestingNote.com. The winner will also be notified via email. 

15. What are the competition prizes? 

Type of winners Amount (RM) 
Grand winners 1st: RM 4,000 
2nd: RM 2,000 
3rd: RM 1,000 

But we also have lucky draws for participants who joined both InvestSG Trading Tournament 2024 and InvestSG Conference. See here: https://blog.investingnote.com/terms-and-conditions-of-prizes-program-in-investsg-campaign/

Useful Contact 

 For technical support and other queries, kindly email admin@investingnote.com.  

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