LAST FEW TRADING DAYS till SG Active Trading Tournament (Elimination Round) ends this week!

LAST FEW TRADING DAYS till SG Active Trading Tournament (Elimination Round) ends this week!

LAST FEW TRADING DAYS till SG Active Trading Tournament (Elimination Round) ends this week!

To help the traders in our community with a consistent approach in their trading, we’re working on an exclusive MasterClass with Binni Ong, the Chief Trainer at Terraseeds and SGX Academy.

Spanning over 4 hours of LIVE video over 2 days, this course will teach you how to formulate a systematic approach to trade strong momentum HK-listed stocks using DLCs.

Place at least one trade in the tournament to be eligible for enrollment into this 4-hr Masterclass worth $1,100 for Free!

Masterclass registration link:

Masterclass Outline:

Momentum trading is a method to continue the inertia of a price trend after price has shown either an upward or downward thrust. It is a great strategy for short term trading to capture a possible explosive price movement. If coupled with a suitable instrument that comes with leverage (such as Daily Leverage Certificates), a trader can achieve exponential growth in a short time.

These will be covered in this masterclass:

✔ Use of Autobox (her proprietary method) to systematically spot momentum in multiple timeframes

✔ Entry and Exit using mathematical ratios

✔ Step by step selection on appropriate DLCs such that you are able to use leverage smartly for exponential growth

✔ How to profit from either a bullish, bearish or sideway marketTrading ideas will also shared in this session to identify the movers and hot themes in the global macro sphere.

About the Speaker:

Binni Ong has more than 15 years of experience in providing trading education to both institutional and retail clients. She trains and trades in a wide array of instruments including equities, forex, commodities, derivatives & cryptos. Binni has a Master of Business. With her strong training in quantitative and statistical skills, she has taken a deep interest in quantitative trading methods. In the area of trading, she has developed many mathematical-base systems and specialises in projective ratio analysis and price action techniques.

Ms Ong has been invited to speak by BNP Paribas, CIMB Securities, Phillip Futures, OCBC Securities, Singapore Exchange and other financial institutions and brokerages. She is currently a SGX Academy Trainer.

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