Launch of DLCs on NASDAQ-100 Index on Thursday 28 April

Launch of DLCs on NASDAQ-100 Index on Thursday 28 April

We are happy to share that Societe Generale has launched four Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs) offering 5X Long and Short exposure to the NASDAQ-100 Index from tomorrow Thursday, 28 April. This builds on the S&P 500 DLCs launched earlier in March.

These DLCs tracking US benchmark indices is a timely offering for investors looking to gain exposure to the U.S. market via an SGX-listed instrument using Singapore Dollars, and have the flexibility to trade both long and short directions of the market.

Tabled below is a list of DLCs tracking the NASDAQ-100 Index and S&P 500 Index.

DLC NameStock CodeLeverageListing DateExpiry DateIssue Price (S$)
NASDAQ-100 Index
NDX 5xLongSG240425ACZFW5x2022-04-282025-04-252.00
NDX 5xShortSG240425ACYEW-5x2022-04-282025-04-252.00
NDX 5xLongSG240425CYDW5x2022-04-282025-04-250.90
NDX 5xShortSG240425CXEW-5x2022-04-282025-04-250.90
S&P 500 Index
S&P 5xLongSG250228ACYAW5x2022-03-042025-02-281.50
S&P 5xShortSG250228ACZEW-5x2022-03-042025-02-281.50
S&P 5xLongSG250228CUEW5x2022-03-042025-02-280.50
S&P 5xShortSG250228CXBW-5x2022-03-042025-02-280.50


The DLCs are issued at two different price points to provide investors with more choice however both will provide the same 5x leverage exposure regardless of the price point. Investors can trade the DLCs in Singapore Dollars using their regular securities brokerage account.

Please note the US Indices DLCs are only traded during SGX market hours from 9am to 5pm when the US market is closed, hence the DLCs intra-day price movements will be closely linked to the performance of the e-mini S&P 500 & Nasdaq-100 futures which are traded during Asian hours. 

For more information on the DLCs on US equity indices, please visit Societe Generale’s US DLC mini-page here.

The DLCs are for specified investment products (SIP) qualified investors only. Please refer to Societe Generale’s DLC website for more information. The contents do not form part of any offer or invitation to buy or sell any DLCs, and nothing herein should be considered as financial advice or recommendation.

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