Catch the Replay: Moving Markets Live Commentary! [Ep. 2]

Catch the Replay: Moving Markets Live Commentary! [Ep. 2]

This commentary focuses on the latest market movers in the SG & HK markets – to get the BIG picture of what’s moving. We will be inviting one special guest bi-weekly to co-host this series – this time it’s our veteran community member @dAn_chang!

Dan Chang specialises in the SG markets – let’s hear what he’s got to say about the current market conditions and he’d also address your questions during this commentary.

Underlyings & respective DLCs mentioned in the commentary:

$Alibaba 5xLongSG231214(DVIW.SI)
$Alibaba 5xShortSG230202(DAGW.SI)

$Geely 5xLongSG230202(DNDW.SI)
$Geely 5xShortSG221215(DSHW.SI)

$KepCorp 5xLongSG230920(DKEW.SI)
$KepCorp 5xShortSG221201(DAZW.SI)

$SGX 5xLongSG220630(DGRW.SI)
$SGX 5xShortSG230420(DYKW.SI)

$Wilmar 5xLongSG240306(DPBW.SI)
$Wilmar 5xShortSG230825(DHGW.SI)

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