New Launching: The best InvestingNote App Ever!

New Launching: The best InvestingNote App Ever!

Even since rolling out our mobile app a few years back, our mobile app has been widely used by our users to connect with each other as a community of investors & traders. However, as we grew to over 100,000 users across our app & web versions, we were surprised to find that more than 50% of our community members are using our mobile app actively. 

Along the way, many of our members have been giving numerous feedback and suggestions – we certainly agree with you that our app could use more than a few improvements as compared to our web version. After reviewing each and every feedback in detail, our team has made it a point to implement as much of these valuable feedback as possible.

So with our determination to seriously revamp and build this new version of the InvestingNote app…our team worked tirelessly for the last 9 months…to produce this baby.

The wait is finally over and we are proud to announce this new version of InvestingNote mobile app which is now available on the AppStore and PlayStore!

Updating our app is only one of the ways that we aim to provide the best service for our users. In line with this aim, we will also continue innovating new, exciting features too. 

This new baby of ours is the result of all your comments, suggestions & feedback over the years – from emails, messages and even calls!

We genuinely value and thank you for making this possible.

So, what’s different?

Goodbye Old Look & Feel

The first few things you’d probably notice is the change in our colors, fonts, illustration style and other elements. This design, we believe, offers a better look & feel – for a more enjoyable user experience.

Here’s fun fact: our latest splash screen is voted by choice from our community!

More Features in the App

The new app can do more things than before! 

In this new version, you are now able to create polls and make price estimations.

You can also create price alerts now – similar to our web version. 

Indexes’ performance & trending stocks are now in the main feed – so that you can get to know what’s happening in a glance.

Better Performance

Our app now has a much faster speed and is also the most stable version ever.

With better-optimized speed & higher performance, browsing posts, looking at stock prices and communicating with other members will be much, much smoother.

That’s not all! 

We’re still innovating even more features in our platform and you can expect more upgrades.

It has certainly been an exciting journey for us to present to you this new version of our app. We hope this upgrade will help you achieve better investing outcomes.

With that said, don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself by downloading or updating it here:

Also, if you like or hate (we hope not) this new version, please let us know your thoughts by filling up this Google form:

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