New Product Launch: Online Course

New Product Launch: Online Course

We’ve been working hard the past few months to increase the range of products on our online store.

As you know, you can already purchase ebooks through our store. Right now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded it to include video courses as well.

Say goodbye to old, traditional offline courses that can cost a bomb. With our technology, you will now be able to learn at your own pace, engage with your instructor in real-time, anytime and become a better investor.

Having said that, @BrennenPak has created 2 exclusive courses to impart his knowledge, experience and skills. If you don’t already know who Brennen Pak is, he retired at the age of 46 after attaining financial freedom, as an investor.

To date, he owns many stocks with multi-baggers including two stocks that were taken private, earning him a 6-figure sum each. Sitting on a 7-figure portfolio with a huge unrealized profit, he is able to fund all his family expenses (including contributing to the maintenance of his old aged parents who had passed on) as well as his own expenses all through the passive income derived from the portfolio alone, including extras to continue investing.

The first course created by Brennen is Value Investing: The Essential Guide. It’s a course that covers the basics and foundations of value investing, such as reading annual reports critically, doing your risk and reward analysis, valuation techniques such as relative and absolute values, and more.

Check out the course in detail here.

For those looking to master value investing, he has a second course named Value Investing: The Ultimate Guide.

This is a stock investment course that spans from risk management, portfolio management, financial management as well as strategies in stock investing. In this course, Brennen will teach you exactly how to create a defensive portfolio that can generate wealth and also share his personal tips, tricks and secrets of his investing success.

Check out the course in detail here.

As a part of our new launch, we’ve convinced Brennen to bring you a special promotion for a limited time only!

Each course is now $100 off if you purchase individually. Get both courses, and you save more than 50% off the usual price!

*This promotion is for a limited time only.

Hurry, grab your courses to start mastering value investing now!


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