New Subscription Launch: The TAP Method: An Analyst’s Essentials

New Subscription Launch: The TAP Method: An Analyst’s Essentials

It’s currently earnings season for many US companies which this subscription providers have been monitoring. (scroll down to understand more)

The TAP Method: An Analyst’s Essentials is a new subscription service, released by Trading Analyst Playbook (TAP) in the midst of a currently volatile market, catering to those of us who recognise the enormous potential of the US market and want to take full advantage of it even in roller-coaster periods.


Here are some recent case studies:

Here are 2 Trade Alerts that were sent to Tappers in the past few months. As predicted, the returns were remarkable! Have a look for yourself:

Case Study 1: Tesla Inc ($TSLA)

Trade Alert sent to Tappers on 12 August 2020. With their Trend-Following Approach, this trade has yielded 62% (Best Price) within 16 Trading Days.

Case Study 2: Beyond Meat ($BYND)

Trade Alert sent to Tappers on 30 August 2020. This trade yielded 30% (Best Price) within 30 Trading Days. TAP also shared possible fundamental factors that might drive it higher.

TAP identifies the Individual Names; you keep the profits!

Several trade alerts sent to Tappers from the past few months.

The Trading Analyst Playbook (TAP) are the trading Mentors you’ve always been looking for. By joining their community, you will have access to the collective wisdom and information of many. Set yourself up to profit in any market – bull or bear, it won’t matter! What’s more, they specialise in the US market.
With multiple strategies accommodating various investors, TAP aims to journey with you toward the success that has always so far seemed out of reach. No matter where you are in your journey, success can be realised and tailored to your lifestyle.

With the TAP Method, you will receive our trade setups both long and short, watch-lists, market analyses, and much more! Instantly reduce losing trades and finally start trading with certainty towards the consistent profitability you’ve always wanted.

Here’s what you’d be getting as a premium subscriber:

✔️ Premium Weekend Analysis

    • A comprehensive overview of the market, analysed using the TAP Method
    • Multiple setups covering long and short trades as well as long-term investment ideas

✔️ What’s Hot and What’s Not

    • Strong sectors
    • Sectors that are seeing rotations in or out
    • Up-to-date, sensible trade ideas for maximum growth

✔️ Half-Time Analysis
Each mid-week, we will provide subscribers with:

    • Updates to the stocks identified during the weekend
    • Potential areas of focus for the market
    • New ideas for the rest of the week

✔️ Fire-Chat Rooms

Tappers are given access to TAP chat groups, where you can:

    • Receive wisdom, motivation, and ideas you can never get on your own
    • Interact, dialogue, and build relationships with TAP Mentors and your fellow Tappers


Check out the reviews here:… and start identifying good US trades immediately!


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