2 weeks ago, we secured another corporate visit to an SGX-listed company, Hyphens Pharma (SGX:1J5).

Did we mention it was very awesome? Watch the video below!

Also read about our experience on our previous post here.

More about this initiative:

We’re championing for exclusive access to company grounds such as the new integrated facility and gain true insights on how operations are run, all from the bottom up – specifically for retail investors.

We believe that being able to go behind the scenes and understand how a business really functions is a totally different experience. It marks a huge leap forward compared to analyzing a company’s operations and financial numbers on paper.

This practice is coined by legendary investor Philip Fisher as “scuttlebutt investing”, a strategy he used to become one of the world’s best growth investors.

This corporate visit is part of the Investor-One Stock Pitch Challenge, and conceived to help participants generate research ideas and insights. This is the BIGGEST challenge EVER open to public!

Register through the link here [only one week left for registration]:

About Hyphens Pharma: 

Hyphens Pharma is a part of Hyphens Group.

Hyphens Pharma International Limited (SGX: 1J5) and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) is Singapore’s leading specialty pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare group, leveraging on its diverse footprint in ASEAN countries.

Listed on the Catalist board of the Singapore Exchange (SGX), the Group has a direct presence in Singapore (HQ), Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, and is supplemented by a marketing and distribution network covering six additional jurisdictions, namely, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, Oman and Bangladesh.

The Group’s core business comprises the following segments: Specialty Pharma Principals, Proprietary Brands, and Medical Hypermart and Digital.

Besides marketing and selling a range of specialty pharmaceutical products in selected ASEAN countries through exclusive distributorship or licensing and supply agreements with brand principals mainly from Europe and the United States, the Group also develops, markets and sells its own proprietary range of dermatological products and health supplement products.

In addition, the Group operates a medical hypermart for healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions and retail pharmacies, to supply pharmaceutical products and medical supplies.

For more information, please visit their corporate website at

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