One of our top contributors and a hero!

One of our top contributors and a hero!


Mr. Li Guang Sheng is one of our top contributors in our community. He has garnered an impressive 12,566 reputation points to date!

Here is an excerpt of his profile:

Li Guang Sheng is one of the rare Trading Representatives believing 90% on fundamental and 10% on Technical Analysis. He started out in 2006 and was taught by clients who educated him on value investing, with strong emphasis on intrinsic value and dividend yield. He would like to attribute most of his knowledge to these clients of whom some have retired early and are still doing well in their investments and can depend on the past stock investments for income.

He is also very involved in charity as he believes in giving back to society once he established his career. He is currently the District 3310 Rotaract Chairperson and also the Honorary Treasurer for Rotary Family Service Centre.

For his contributions to our community, Guang Sheng has redeemed $600 worth of capitaland vouchers with his reputation points – all of which he will be donating to the Rotary Club to help charity this coming CNY. Check out the details here.

Congratulations on redeeming $600 Guang Sheng! Thank you for contributing to both our community and to the society! You’re a true hero!


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