Our First-Ever Corporate Visit! Centurion Corporation (SGX: OU8)

Our First-Ever Corporate Visit! Centurion Corporation (SGX: OU8)

We had our first-ever corporate visit to Centurion Corporation (SGX: OU8)! It was awesome! 

Centurion Corporation’s management was so hospitable. Kudos to David Phey, Head of Corporate Communications for bringing us for the tour!

On a very rainy Saturday, we assembled at dwell Student Living at Selegie. There was a fantastic turn-out!

*watch the exclusive video here*

20180908_090946We then took the chartered bus to head over to Westlite Worker’s accomodation at Papan.

20180908_13251820180908_104408At Papan, we were personally welcomed by the C-suite management, namely the CEO, Mr. Kong Chee Min and CIO, Mr. Ho Lip Chin.

Thereafter, we went for a tour within the Papan compounds and it was such an amazing for retail investors to be able to go an experience a company’s operations on ground level.

20180908_113919Entrance to Westlite worker’s accomodation at Papan.

20180908_112640A glimpse of where and how foreign workers do their hands-on training.

20180908_115840They even have a full-fledged gym for foreign workers!

20180908_120451A tour of the common games room!


We also had a panel discussion with Centurion Corporation’s CEO and CIO, Mr. Kong and Mr. Ho respectively. It was held by our veteran community member and premium insights provider, James from SmallCapAsia.

They also took questions from the audience during the Q&A session. Our community members were very sharp and detailed with their questions!

We also did a tour of the dwell Student Living at Selegie.

20180908_14015120180908_134900A tour of the student hostel at dwell Selegie.

20180908_130313A group photo of our community with Centurion Corp.’s CEO, CIO and Head of Communications.

20180908_141131Another group photo at dwell student hostel at Selegie at the very end of the tour.

That’s all folks!

We’d like to thank everyone from our community who came and gave us your support, despite it being a very rainy Saturday. Special thanks to the management of Centurion Corporation (SGX: OU8) for being so hospitable and kind to let our community tour their grounds on a Saturday.

We sincerely hope this corporate visit was an eye-opener and it was a good experience for retail investors. We will also hold more of such company visits in the near future, so stay tuned!

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