Our First Top Community Members’ Gathering Since COVID-19!

Our First Top Community Members’ Gathering Since COVID-19!

It’s been almost 3 years since the first COVID outbreak…that was also how long we’ve last had a meaningful get-together sessions with our top community members!

In this session, we announced the news of our recent merger with ShareInvestor Group, spoke about how we envision to help our community members grow and also caught up with old friends!

One of our top contributors and veteran community member, @ljunyuan – taking a wefie with our management team and friends!

It was a wonderful night of food, drinks and fun!

From day one, we’ve held true to our belief in giving back to our community. Ever since COVID first happened, we’ve not had such a big but cosy gathering – this time round, with additional new colleagues and new community members as well!

We’re especially happy and thankful to see that all our veteran community members and friends are still doing well! This is the true essence of what a sustainable community is – genuine, supportive and kind to share.

So here’s a big THANK YOU everyone for your kind support for our community over the years. We really appreciate your contribution, sharing and solidarity!

We will bring our community to greater heights!

-Your Friends At InvestingNote

p.s this isn’t the full force of our top contributors – to all those who couldn’t make it yesterday (you know who you are), we hope you can make it the next round!

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