Prize Presentation Ceremony and 2020 Market Outlook Recap

Prize Presentation Ceremony and 2020 Market Outlook Recap

Yesterday night was the Prize Presentation Ceremony of the SG Active Trading Tournament and our two esteemed speakers, Geoff Howie (SGX Market Strategist) and Desmond Leung (Everest Fortune Group) gave a 2019 wrap-up and 2020 market outlook.


img_20191204_192759Geoff gave a very comprehensive and succinct presentation on how different sectors performed, not just in Singapore, but the world as well. REITs in particular, have given very good returns for 2019.

You can find the full presentation here.

Next, we had Desmond from Everest Fortune Group, also known as EFG on InvestingNote where he does daily technical ideas and calls. Follow him here.

img_20191204_194505Desmond gave the technical outlook for both the Hang Seng Index and Straits Times Index. Based on technical analysis aspect, it does not particularly bode well for both the indexes for 2020. Investors might have to be more cautious when trying to trade or invest in the market, especially during this prolonged volatile period.

Next, we had the tournament round-up, as presented by Alvin Li from Societe Generale, our co-organizer of this Trading Tournament.

img_20191204_195934The key statistics of this Trading Tournament:

  • Largest Trading Competition, ever held in Singapore 
  • A total of 2023 participants were given $100,000 starting virtual capital
  • All trades are transparent and open to public to view
  • The average transacted value per day for the competition totals $15,000,000
  • During the Elimination Round (4 weeks), the Top trader had an impressive 105.78% total portfolio return.
  • During the Final Round (2 weeks), the Ultimate trader had an impressive 29.33% total portfolio return.

The most-traded Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs) during the competition by participants:

  1. HSI
  2. AAC Tech
  3. Sunny Optical 
  4. Venture Corp
  5. Geely Auto

Thereafter, we had the 19 daily winners, each walking away with $100 CapitaLand Vouchers, based on the biggest realised profit (absolute positive return) for any single DLC instrument on the particular trading day during the elimination round.

We also gave away 3 Apple Watches Series 5, and 1 iPhone 11 Pro to people who voted, traded once and registered for the tournament!

lcuky-copyLast but not least, the Top 3 Winners and The People’s Choice Award Winners!

most-popular-winnerThe Most Popular Trader with close to 200 votes is Raymond Chua, who won $1,000!

3rd-winner3rd Prize was given to Wan Chee Hoong, who had 8.75% total returns in 2 weeks, who also won $1,000!

2nd-winnerFor the 2nd Prize, Shirley Fam won $2,000 for achieving 20.84% total portfolio returns in the Final Round!

1st-prize1st prize of $4,000 goes Lee Ta Tong, who stood above 2,000 other traders to emerge as SG’s Ultimate Trader with 29.33% total returns in just 2 weeks!

Congratulations to all Winners! As this tournament was tough and extremely intense, it wasn’t easy for all the winners to win!

We’d like to take this opportunity to also thank our co-organizer, Societe Generale, our supporting partner SGX and also everyone who participated and made this the largest trading competition in Singapore ever!

See what the top traders traded exactly in their portfolio during the Elimination and Final Round.

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