[Recap] Active Traders’ Club Exclusive Gathering

[Recap] Active Traders’ Club Exclusive Gathering

Last evening, we had our Active Traders’ Club gathering, where we got the leaders and members of the Club down for a night of presentations, discussions and fun!



First off, we had Dan Chang (@dAnccs, Top 10 in the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge, Remisier), who presented on how to strategize a robust trade plan.


Next, we had TheBearProwl (Aaron Sim @thebearprowl, 1st Position in the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge, Blogger) who presented on the current bear market situations.


After that, we had Robin Ho (@robinho, Top-Tier Remisier, Blogger and Veteran Trader) present on his outlook on the US and HK markets.


An advocate of derivatives such as index futures and Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC), Robin also presented on how retail traders can utilise such derivatives to enhance their trading returns as part of their day trading strategy.


Next was a presentation by Dr. Robin Han (@robinhan, Top 10 in the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge, Remisier, Blogger), who is a specialist in Game Theory trading.


Game theory is an interesting concept when it comes to understanding what Big Boys will and can do to stock prices, which sometimes neither fundamental analysis or technical analysis is able to predict.


Last but not least, we had Ong Bee Heng (@ongbeeheng, Veteran Technical Analysis Expert, Remisier), who showed how fibonacci ratios are essential in his trading strategy.



Finally, we had the Panel Discussion: What’s Interesting To Trade For the Month Of May? How true is “Sell in May and go away?



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As pictures really speak a thousand words, we’re happy that we’ve assembled a group of extraordinary traders with different skillsets and styles to come together to join this Active Traders’ Club.


If you don’t already know what Active Traders’ Club is, it is the first and largest club for Active Traders in Singapore.

See you on the inside!


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