Rowsley Ltd: Stock surges near 100% in a day

Rowsley Ltd: Stock surges near 100% in a day

Breaking News: the proposed acquisition for a 100 per cent of Thomson Medical Pte Ltd and a 70.36 per cent stake in TMC Life Sciences Bhd (TMCLS) by Peter Lim causes share price of Rowsley to soar nearly 100% in a day.


Rowsley shares soared today when news got out that its controlling shareholder and billionaire Peter Lim is planning to inject his 100 per cent stake in Thomson Medical and 70.36 per cent stake in Bursa-listed TMC Life Sciences into the company.

Peter Lim is a famous Singaporean billionaire who’s also the owner of Valencia CF since taking over in 2014.

– According to The Business Times,

The proposed acquisitions are valued at up to S$1.9 billion, and will be financed through up to 25.3 billion new shares issued to Mr Lim at S$0.075 a share. Warrants will also be issued to existing shareholders upon completion.

– According to a Straits Times article:

The two stakes together have been valued at up to S$1.9 billion on a willing-buyer willing-seller basis.

No details were given about how Thomson Medical and TMC were valued and the price will be finalised after due diligence has been conducted. 

As a result, Rowsley’s stock opened at $0.115 today and closed at $0.141. That’s a whopping 93.15% increase in share price in a day!

Key financial ratios:

  • EPS:-0.013
  • NAV: 0.084
  • Price/NAV: 1.681
  • Dividend: 0


So what’s next for Rowsley?


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