*New eBook Launch: Create A Secondary Income Stream Through Long Term Shares Investing*

*New eBook Launch: Create A Secondary Income Stream Through Long Term Shares Investing*

The thought of a secondary income stream can either excite or scare most people.

Especially when it involves investing.

If you ever feel that investing to attain financial freedom seems like a distant and mystical process, you’d have to hear it from the people who’re already there and how they made it.

Knowledge gets transferred through books and courses, and today we’d like to introduce a new book launch on our marketplace, Create A Secondary Income Stream Through Long Term Shares Investing.

Create A Secondary Income Stream Through Long Term Shares Investing

Based on decades of investment wisdom similar to those found in degree and post graduate programs, this book looks at how time tested financial concepts can be applied practically to create a secondary income stream through long term share investing.This book is specially crafted to present financial concepts into easy-to-understand bits and focus on application to generate returns. Readers will be able to grasp concepts fast, effectively and speed up their learning curves.

Written by a renowned investor and investment trainer, Chua I-Min (CFA) @chuaimin, this book will teach you 3 crucial steps to create your own secondary income stream:

Basic Shares Investment skill sets namely Business, Financial Statement, Pricing and Economic Analysis

Rules of the Game & the search for Income and Growth shares

Strategies to win the Game create your personalized share investing plan!

At InvestingNote, we’ve always held the belief that every retail investor can reach the goals of creating wealth through investing. This process starts with you taking charge of your own financial knowledge, and then learning from other investors’ experiences.

We’re now providing you with the necessary resources to speed up your journey.

It’s now all up to you and you’d have to start today.

About The Author:


Chua I-Min, CFA is the Lead Instructor for Investor Education with A.B. Maximus & Co. Pte. Ltd. He conducts regular classes for SGX Academy on fundamental analysis, stock valuation, REITs and property stocks investments. His flagship program titled “Create a Secondary Income Stream through Long Term Share Investing” has been well received by retail investors. A book with the same title has been written to reach out to a wider audience.

I-Min graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with Honours (2nd Upper), majoring in Finance. He continued his education by earning the CFA charter, a well sought after professional designation in the global investment industry. Even as a student, I-Min has been applying concepts from text books in the real-world shares market. He has since honed his investment skills with more than 15 years of share investing experiences.

Professionally, I-Min has more than 11 years of working experience mainly in the investment industry. He was the Chief Operating Officer for A.B. Maximus before his current role. Previously as a real estate investment professional in CapitaLand and subsequently PhillipCapital, he had collectively done investment deals amounting to S$250 million. Prior to that, he was based in China, participating in a successful IPO exercise of a Chinese company listed on the Singapore Exchange.

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