This mini-interview series is to showcase finalists of the tournament and what propels them to be able to trade well. This post was originally posted here

We are interviewing the Top 20 Finalists from the Elimination Round of the SG Active Trading Tournament, beating 3,000 other participants of the tournament – in batches of 5 people per interview. The following participants are the people we interviewed in this post:

We are interviewing the Top 20 Finalists from the Elimination Round of the SG Active Trading Tournament, beating 3,000 other participants of the tournament – in batches of 5 people per interview.
@ERIC6396 Rank #5
@nataniellam Rank #20
@ilaya19 Rank #14
@koweiqiang Rank #11
@Knight Rank #2

What’s your profession? How many years have you been trading and which markets do you usually trade?

ERIC6396: I’m running my own business and have 1 year experience in trading the Malaysia market.

nataniellam: I’m a UI/UX Designer with 2 year experience in the US Market.

ilaya19: I’m an engineer, having 1 year experience in the Malaysia market

koweiqiang: I’m in the banking sector. I have been trading for about 2 years mainly in US and SG markets.

Knight: I’m an Account Relationship Manager in a bank with 5 years experience in the Malaysia market.

How did you start trading and what got you started?
ERIC6396: I started trading in 2020 September. I wish to get financial freedom as soonest as possible through stock investment.

nataniellam: I follow Youtube channels such as Meet Kevin and Graham Stephan.

ilaya19: I wish to generate a second income and use extra money for investment.

koweiqiang: I started to invest as I think that it could be another form to build up my savings and to retire earlier.

Knight: Started off by trading in the forex market, but eventually turned to trading in the stock market. The possibility of growing the wealth by investing held my interest to start off with a trading journey.

What’s your usual trading plan like? How do you usually determine an entry and exit for a particular trade?
ERIC6396: Buy and hold. I will review the company’s PE before entry. Don’t chase high.  For exit points, I will review the company’s future profit performance.

nataniellam: Setting aside a fixed amount to invest every month, and investing in high growth companies. I will enter my trades when the price drops and there’s no real changes to the business. When the fundamentals of business change, I will exit my trades.

ilaya19:  I usually trade intraday. I determine my entry points by trend and volume; while exiting when it’s near the target price.

koweiqiang: I will read up the details of the company, understanding the business nature and how they operate. I will enter when there’s high volume with positive news on the company. When there is a price change of 10%, I will either take profit or cut loss.

Knight: I look for opportunity after market closing, analyze and enter the trade if any on the next day when market opens. I usually enter upon price breaking out at strong resistance with calculated risk exposure. I will exit when the candle closes below the Moving Average.

As this tournament focuses on trading Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC), what is your experience trading DLC?
ERIC6396: Trading into the daily most gainer stock during market opening.

nataniellam: I’m still new at it.

ilaya19: It is a new experience for me and I feel very challenging.

koweiqiang: I don’t have much experience with DLC. Thus using this tournament to see if I can get a grasp of the DLC. Good learning platform.

Knight:  First time trading DLC, the risk exposure is much higher as compared to normal practice. But the reward is fantastic.

What gives you an edge to emerge as the Ultimate Winner of the Tournament?
ERIC6396: It’s all about luck.

nataniellam: Luck, patience, and more luck.

ilaya19: To challenge ourselves and be a part of learning.

koweiqiang: Stay humble and believes in fundamental

Knight: I have done the homework, studied every company’s price action, developed the strategy and followed closely on my plan.

What would you say to new traders who want to trade well?
ERIC6396: Do your homework before trading. Look deep into the company profile and dont chase high.

nataniellam: Don’t just focus on meme stocks

ilaya19: Continue learning and more practice paper trade.

koweiqiang: Understand the fundamentals. Don’t buy or follow others blindly just because others say so.

Knight: Study and do the homework, develop the strategy that fits yourself and stick to it.  Read and watch more learning material, backtest using virtual money, test the result, make sure it is profitable in the long term then dive into the real market.  Always remember rule no.1, protect the capital!

Stay tuned for our SG Active Trading Tournament’s Final Round: where these top traders will battle it out, officially commencing next Monday, 11 Oct till 22 Oct!

We wish all of them good luck!

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