This mini-interview series is to showcase finalists of the tournament and what propels them to be able to trade well.

We are interviewing the Top 20 Finalists from the Elimination Round of the SG Active Trading Tournament, beating 3,000 other participants of the tournament.
@EthanLeong Rank #17
@Asaad Rank #13
@csystudio8 Rank #3
@sutowi Rank #16

What’s your profession? How many years have you been trading and which markets do you usually trade?
EthanLeong: I am a student with half a year experience in stock market.

Asaad: I have 1 year experience in trading and I’m a student.

csystudio8: I have been trading Malaysia shares and structured warrants for about 17 months only. I’m in the education industry.

sutowi: I am a retiree, having more than 15years experience in Singapore and US markets.

How did you start trading and what got you started?

EthanLeong: I am personally interested in the stock market.

Asaad: I started by reading investment articles and stockpitches.

csystudio8: I started trading during the first MCO of Malaysia when the market was exceptionally bullish. That time, almost everywhere people talked about share trading and profit opportunity, and eventually, it got me wanting to share a piece of the cake.

sutowi: I started with a help from a friend. I got higher returns than the fixed deposit.

What’s your usual trading plan like? How do you usually determine an entry and exit for a particular trade?
EthanLeong: My strategy is to search for potential stocks and invest long term. I have set my own buying target and set a stop loss for every trade.

Asaad: Depends on my risk appetite and objectives. For now, it’s capital appreciation using growth investing strategies. I will enter when there are irrational sell-downs. When my target price has been reached or the company’s fundamentals have changed, I will consider exiting my trades.

csystudio8: I usually analyze the support and resistance, then evaluate the risk and reward ratio to decide on entering a trade or not.  I will enter upon breakout. When the price breaks the support or hits the target, I will exit the position.

sutowi: I have no specific plan. I usually trade according to the general trend of the market. I will enter at a price that I’m comfortable with and exit when I have made a small gain or when the reversal of the trend happens.

As this tournament focuses on trading Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC), what is your experience trading DLC?
EthanLeong: It is challenging for me and I need to spend time observing the trend.

Asaad: I have not much experience in trading DLC.

csystudio8: I have never heard about DLC before joining this tournament.

sutowi: Personally, I think participants will get huge gains within a short time if you enter at the right price.

What gives you an edge to emerge as the Ultimate Winner of the Tournament?
EthanLeong: I am attracted by the prizes sponsored by the partners of this tournament.

Asaad: I believe in my own analysis when executing my trades.

csystudio8: I would say 60% of luck and 40% of knowledge.

Sutowi: It is my pleasure to emerge as one of the winners in the leaderboard with lots of luck.

What would you say to new traders who want to trade well?
EthanLeong: Learning is the key, experience is a lesson

Asaad: Having an interest is the first step. After that, it is important to hone yourself to ask the right questions.

csystudio8: invest in knowledge. Get started with trade simulation (like this tournament) before trading with real money.

Sutowi: I’m in no position to give any advice.

Stay tuned for our SG Active Trading Tournament’s Final Round: where these top traders will battle it out, officially commencing next Monday, 11 Oct till 22 Oct!SG ACTIVE TRADING TOURNAMENT 2021 – INTERVIEW WITH THE TOP 20

We wish all of them good luck!

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