New Subscription Launch: Strategic Investing – Taking Advantage Of Corporate Actions

New Subscription Launch: Strategic Investing – Taking Advantage Of Corporate Actions

Corporate actions like share consolidation, stock splits, dividends and rights issues happen frequently, and affect the stock prices of the associated companies.

So how can you seize the opportunity and capitalise on these corporate actions to your advantage and make profits?

We’ve just launched this Corporate Action Strategy Alert that tells you when exactly to capitalise on corporate actions when they happen.

That means you can apply this Corporate Action Strategy in any market condition (uptrend, downtrend or sideways).

This subscription is provided by Wealth Coach Academy, where the principal trainer is Li Guang Sheng @li_guang_sheng. He is a familiar face in the investment community and has more than 15 years of experience. Currently a Top Tier Remisier in Singapore, his forte lies in value investing and fundamental analysis. He also spends a considerable amount of time looking for opportunities in SGX companies through their corporate actions. Over the years, he has built a clientele base that includes high net worth individuals, retail investors, hedge funds, listed companies and clan associations.

What You Can Expect

In this Corporate Action Strategy Alert subscription,
✔ You will gain unparalleled insights into how corporate actions can affect stock price.
✔ You will be alerted to the latest corporate actions in the market and the appropriate strategy to take.
✔ You can achieve returns without having to spend long hours reading company reports or stock charts.
✔ You can get at least 1 Corporate Action Strategy Alert per month.

Who Should Subscribe

✔ You are clueless about how a company’s corporate actions can create profit-making opportunities.
✔ You would like to tap into the knowledge and experience of Li Guang Sheng – a Singapore Top Tier Remisier and expert in Corporate Action Strategy.
✔ You would like to use this Corporate Action Strategy to supplement your other strategies to achieve returns from the stock market.

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