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12.12 Special Promo: The TAP Method: An Analyst’s Essentials by TradingAnalystPlaybook (TAP)

12.12 Special Promo: The TAP Method: An Analyst’s Essentials by TradingAnalystPlaybook (TAP)

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Service Coverage and Key Offerings
✔ Premium Weekend Analysis
It is important to be ready each weekend before the market opens. Analysed using our TAP Method, we provide subscribers with a comprehensive overview of the market. Take advantage of multiple setups, covering long and short trades, as well as long-term investment ideas on different sectors and individual names. It’s time to TAP into the potential of the market for your gain!

✔ What’s Hot and What’s Not
Stay in the know each day with what sectors are strong, and which sectors are seeing rotations in and rotations out with up-to-date and sensible trade ideas for maximum growth. More than just providing you with a list of companies to trade, we will help you develop and expand your knowledge on the stock market, technical analysis, and trend-following.

✔ Half-Time Analysis
Each mid-week, we will provide subscribers with updates to the stocks identified during the weekend, potential areas of focus for the market, and new ideas for the rest of the week.

✔ Fire-Chat Rooms
The advantages of trading as a community far outweigh those of trading alone. Apart from a sense of camaraderie and fun, a community can offer you wisdom, motivation, and ideas you can never get on your own. Subscribers will be given full access to our Fire-Chat Rooms, where you can interact, dialogue, and build relationships with TAP Mentors and your fellow subscribers.

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