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New Subscription Launch: The TAP Method: An Analyst’s Essentials

New Subscription Launch: The TAP Method: An Analyst’s Essentials

It’s currently earnings season for many US companies which this subscription providers have been monitoring. (scroll down to understand more)

The TAP Method: An Analyst’s Essentials is a new subscription service, released by Trading Analyst Playbook (TAP) in the midst of a currently volatile market, catering to those of us who recognise the enormous potential of the US market and want to take full advantage of it even in roller-coaster periods.


Here are some recent case studies:

Here are 2 Trade Alerts that were sent to Tappers in the past few months. As predicted, the returns were remarkable! Have a look for yourself:

Case Study 1: Tesla Inc ($TSLA)

Trade Alert sent to Tappers on 12 August 2020. With their Trend-Following Approach, this trade has yielded 62% (Best Price) within 16 Trading Days.

Case Study 2: Beyond Meat ($BYND)

Trade Alert sent to Tappers on 30 August 2020. This trade yielded 30% (Best Price) within 30 Trading Days. TAP also shared possible fundamental factors that might drive it higher.

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My Favourite Stock Contest!

My Favourite Stock Contest!

It is the time of the year where we want you to tell a story about a stock! This is “My Favourite Stock Contest” where you will be able to win attractive prizes just by telling us what is your favourite stock, why do you like so much about it and it must be from either one of these market channels: US, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

For example, if you’ve ever invested in Tesla $TSLA stock and made some good returns, tell us how you did it! If you are looking to invest into growth companies like Beyond Meat $BYND or have been watching $TENCENT(700.HK), tell us why you’re looking and what’s the potential!

Each post must be kept to the word limit of 300 words and a min of 150 words and is subject to one chance of winning with respect to each market.

With regards to the design, you will only be allowed to add in the company logo and stock symbol as part of the add-on and the edited design MUST be attached to your post.


Each post must also start with the sentence “My #favstock is….” followed by the reasons/stories for choosing the particular stock as your favourite.

By the end of the contest, a lucky winner will be selected from each market channel by lucky draw. All the best and let’s start sharing your stories!

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