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WIN the LATEST Apple Airpods PRO worth $400! [GRAND QUIZ]

WIN the LATEST Apple Airpods PRO worth $400! [GRAND QUIZ]

We’re giving away the LATEST Apple Airpods PRO worth $400!

Take our Year-End Grand quiz and stand a chance* to be the Grand Winner to win a an Apple Airpods Pro (worth $400) or be one of 5 other lucky winners to grab $40 CapitaLand vouchers!

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1. This quiz will test you knowledge on Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC). Don’t say we never give hints….cause all the 5 simple answers can be found in this link.

2. Complete the quiz and answer at least 3 questions correctly. Do note that only your FIRST attempt will be eligible for the lucky draw.

3. Seat back, relax and stand a chance to receive a Apple Airpods PRO OR a $40 CapitaLand voucher!

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This quiz is open to public from 11th November till 27th November! Answers submitted after 2359pm on 27th November will not be accepted.

Winners of the draw will be selected randomly from participants with at least 3 correct answers, by 4th December and will be contacted via our official FB messenger bot and email.

Good luck!

*terms & conditions apply:


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How to Capitalise on the recent Keppel Corp News

How to Capitalise on the recent Keppel Corp News

Last week, the major news was Temasek’s plan to offer Keppel shareholders $7.35 per share, in cash, to buy 554.9 million shares or 30.55% of Keppel.


Related imageImage result for keppel corp

This partial offer will raise its stake in Keppel from the current 20.45% to 51%.

Temasek will be doing this through its wholly owned subsidiary Kyanite Investment Holdings.

Prior to this news which was released on 22 October Tuesday, Keppel’s shares were halted on 21 October Monday.

When the trading halt was lifted on Tuesday, after the news was announced, Keppel’s stock soared more than 10%.

If you’d bought the Keppel Corp Long DLC on 22 October – it gave a 70% in just one day!

However, this is where it gets interesting – even if you got in late, by buying the 5x Long DLC on 22 October AFTER the news and the stock shooting up, the DLC still could have made you more than 20% within a few days.

This is the magnitude of serious returns we’re talking about.

So what’s this all mean for retail investors?

A Daily Leverage Certificate (DLC) is a type of leveraged product listed on the SGX which allows you to get leveraged return of an underlying single stock or index. The leverage is fixed every day, e.g. for a 5x Long DLC, every 1% movement in the mother share will lead to 5% movement in the LongDLC price.

So whenever you see a short-term trading opportunity, e.g. stock about to break out, index reaching support level etc., you can use DLC as a tool to get leveraged return. This recent scenario of Keppel exemplifies this perfectly.

4 key reasons why you should use DLCs:

  1. Simple trading instrument to get leveraged return of popular stocks and indices from Singapore and Hong Kong
  2. No account opening process required; trade it like a stock – simply go to your stock broker account to trade DLCs (subject to SIP qualification)
  3. LongDLC and ShortDLC – two types of DLCs allow you to gain from both ups and downs of the Underlying stock or index
  4. Lower barrier of entry – one lot of DLC is 100 shares, and the unit price is usually much cheaper than the mother share, allowing lower barrier of entry and more flexible allocation of your investment capital

Here’s the full list of DLC & the corresponding underlying securities every investor and trader needs to know:

Our ongoing simulation competition for you to experience trading DLC with up to $15,000 worth of prizes for grab:

Where to trade DLCs for real?

Find your preferred broker below:


There’s also a free Technical Analysis workshop upcoming on Saturday, 2 Nov. Find out more here:

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What Is A DLC? Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Trade A Daily Leverage Certificate

What Is A DLC? Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Trade A Daily Leverage Certificate

Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC) are exchange-traded financial products that enable investors to take a leveraged exposure to an underlying asset, such as a blue chip stock or an equity index.


DLCs replicate the performance of an underlying asset versus its previous day closing level, with a fixed leverage factor.

There are new DLCs with 20 regional blue chip stocks ranging from DBS to Tencent, as the underlying asset! Check out the full list of DLCs here.

For investors who want to maximise their short term exposure to market movements, DLCs can provide the opportunity to increase the exposure by a fixed factor, up to 5 times.

For DLCs with blue chip stocks as the underlying, the returns are magnified by 5x! For indexes, you can select a leverage from 3x, 5x or 7x!

Also, it doesn’t matter if the market is bearish as well – you can buy a short DLC to capitalise on a bearish situation.

For the 5x DLC with Venture as the underlying asset, it actually yielded a return of more than 70% in a week, just back in February!

The following is a detailed infographic by SGX on the Top 5 characteristics of DLCs.


If you’ve missed our previous post where we posted a quick video on how DLC works, watch it here.

For more educational materials on DLC, use this link:

Now that you’ve understood what DLCs are, see the full list of DLCs that can be traded here.

Last but not least, if you’ve never traded a DLC  and would like to know how, see if you qualify by taking the Specified Investment Product (SIP) test here.

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[New Launch] Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs) For Blue Chip Stocks!

[New Launch] Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs) For Blue Chip Stocks!

SGX and Societe Generale have recently launched a new suite of Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs) on blue chip stocks with 5 times leverage.

Image result for daily leverage certificates

We’ve prepared a full infographic here as well to help you understand how it really works:


With these DLCs, investors can go long or short on some of the more popular SGX and HKEx listed stocks such as DBS and Tencent.

Another good news, some of the local brokers are currently running DLC promotions (by alphabetical order):

  • DBS Vickers: 15% commission rebate for online and DLC trades. Learn more
  • Maybank Kim Eng: S$20 worth of shopping vouchers for your first DLC Trade. Learn more
  • OCBC Securities: Minimum commission lowered to S$10 for DLC online trades. Learn more
  • UOB Kay Hian: Execute 3 DLC buy orders to receive S$50 Takashimaya vouchers. Commission for DLC trades lowered to 0.18% (min S$10). Learn more


Also, take a minute to watch this quick video here:

DLC video


Daily Leverage Certificate: Basic Knowledge of DLC You Need To Know Before Trading It

Daily Leverage Certificate: Basic Knowledge of DLC You Need To Know Before Trading It

The Daily Leverage Certificate is a product launched by SGX that was offered by Societe Generale on 17 July 2017. This product is available for trading on the SGX securities market. DLCs are slightly complex, moderate risk financial products which give investors a leveraged return based on the daily performance of an underlying reference index.


DLCs have a finite lifespan and will be delisted on its expiry date. The final exercised value of the DLCs will be calculated and paid to investors automatically on the expiry date (which is after 3 years).
Note that: (if the Expiry Date is not a Business Day, then the Expiry Date shall fall on the preceding Business Day and subject to adjustment of the Valuation Date upon the occurrence of Market Disruption Events as set out in the Conditions of the Certificates)

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